Finger Knitting Blanket Patterns for You!

While it’s completely possible to knit a blanket with a pair of knitting needles, that can be tiring and quite time-consuming. Plus, if you’re going to work with chunky yarn, things can get heavy really quick.

A heavy knitting project might give you a great arm workout, but it can also burn you out! So what can you do?

Well, a good alternative to try out is finger knitting. This is where you use your hands to create fun blankets instead of pair of gigantic knitting needles.

Image of a chunky finger knitting blanket.
Try knitting with your fingers for a change!

Are finger knitting blankets beginner-friendly?

YES! The great thing about finger-knitting any kind of project, including blankets, is that it’s completely beginner-friendly. You don’t even need any prior knitting knowledge to get started. You can learn everything you need as you go!

Today I’ve made a handy list of fun patterns for finger-knit blankets that you might want to add to your cozy home. Excited? Keep scrolling!

How to Finger Knit a Blanket

But how do you make a finger knitting blanket? There are two ways to finger knit. For the first method, you create loops around your fingers. Next, each row of loops is hooked up over a second row of loops and off your fingers to create stitches!

The second way to finger-knit is to create a long chain. Next, you lay the chain down on a flat surface and pull loops through each chain you’ve made to create “knit” stitches.

It’s tough to describe a craft, so here’s a quick introductory tutorial by Play Hooky with Me to get you started!

Image of chunky yarn used for finger knitting blankets.

What You Need to Finger Knit a Blanket

Finger knitting is a little bit different from “traditional knitting”. Instead of a pair of needles, you will use just your fingers!

In order for you to learn how to finger knit a blanket, there are a few materials you need to have on hand!

  • Clean hands – One of your main tools will be your fingers so make sure they’re clean and moisturized. This is especially important when working with light-colored yarns!
  • Yarn – The yarn used for finger knitting is normally a lot thicker. I suggest checking out chunky yarn like chenille or wool for your upcoming projects! You can you other yarn too, but make sure that you’re using the correct yarn weight. Try holding many different strands together to create thick colorful knits too!
  • Scissors – A pair of scissors is another important tool that you will use for all of your knitting projects. You’ll need them to cut yarn tails and hide loose ends.
  • Stitch markers – You’ll need stitch markers to keep track of what round you’re on. If you don’t have big enough stitch markers, you can use a strand of scrap yarn — preferably in a different color so it’s easy to see.
  • Cardboard Tube – The trickiest thing about arm or finger knitting is being able to put your project down. Try having a wooden dowel, or an old cardboard tube (try the tube from a roll of paper towels!) and slide it through your stitches while you pause.
  • Finger knitting blanket patterns – Finally, you will need some patterns to follow — and they’re listed just below!

10 Finger Knitting Blanket Patterns for Beginners

Now for the moment you have been waiting for:

Here’s a list of beautiful beginner-friendly finger knitting blanket patterns that you can create to add a touch of coziness in your home!

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Classically Cabled Throw
Photo Credits: Coats and Clark

1. Classically Cabled Throw

By:  Quayln Stark

YARN: Jumbo [Suggested: Red Heart Loop-It]

SIZE: 35″ x 50″ [89 cm x 127 cm]

You might be thinking “aren’t knit cables an advanced skill?”

Yes, they are — in traditional knitting! Because you’re working with thicker yarn, you can easily see where stitches should go.

Just give it a try. You can always move on to a different pattern!

Get the pattern >

Fluffy Hugs Chunky Blanket
Photo Credits: YARNutopia

2. Fluffy Hugs Chunky Blanket

By: YARNutopia

YARN: Jumbo [Suggested: Red Heart Irresistible]

SIZE: 60″ x 50″

This simple pattern makes it easier for beginners to follow along and learn the basic stitches in finger knitting.

You can mix and match any color you want to achieve a unique, personalized project!

Get the pattern >

Finger Knit Baby Blanket
Photo Credits: Simply Maggie

3. Finger Knit Baby Blanket

By: Simply Maggie

YARN: Worsted Weight

SIZE: Free size

Need a quick gift for a baby? Then this finger-knit baby blanket is just the thing!

This pattern is quick, easy, and you don’t need any fancy materials to complete it! Want to add a finishing touch? You can use pompom makers to create quick, adorable pompoms to sew onto your project just like the blankets in the photo.

See the pattern >

Criss Cross Baby Blanket
Photo Credits: fatartdiy

4. Criss Cross Baby Blanket

By: fatartdiy

YARN: Jumbo [Suggested: Bernat Alize EZ]

SIZE: 32″ x 40″ [81.5 cm x 101.5 cm]

Next up, we have this chunky and adorable Criss Cross Baby Blanket!

This fun stitch makes a charming pattern that looks intricate but is quite simple to follow.

Get the pattern >

Cable Knit Blanket
Photo Credits: itsalwaysautumn

5. Cable Knit Blanket

By: itsalwaysautumn

YARN: Jumbo [Alize Blanket EZ]

SIZE: 50″ x 60″

Want to make a cabled blanket but don’t have the skills? Well, this finger knit blanket pattern is easy to follow — even for the complete newbies!

This pattern calls for the special looping yarn that makes it even easier to knit a blanket without needles in just one weekend.

Get the pattern >

Cozy Finger Knit Blanket
Photo Credits: Little Yellow Wheel Barrow

6. Cozy Finger Knit Blanket

By: littleyellowwheelbarrow

YARN: Jumbo [Suggested: We Are Knitters XXXL Wool]

SIZE: 79″ x 50″

This simple finger-knit blanket has a similar pattern to the 2. Fluffy Hugs Chunky Blanket above, but uses an even thicker yarn! This makes it the fastest and coziest finger knitting blanket pattern of the bunch.

Get the pattern >

Finger Knit Ribbed Blanket
Photo Credits: Play Hookie with Me

7. Finger Knit Ribbed Blanket

By: Play Hookie with Me

YARN: Jumbo [Suggested: Bernat Blanket Yarn]

SIZE: 48″ x 60″

A simple rib stitch can look super dramatic when it’s knit in ultra-chunky yarns!

This finger knit blanket pattern is as easy as it gets. But it doesn’t look boring or plain at all thanks to the mixture of knits and purls.

This is another perfect pattern for beginners to practice stitches.

Get the pattern >

Cozy Loop Yarn Blanket
Photo Credits: Crating with Yoo

8. Cozy Loop Yarn Blanket

By: Crafting with Yoo

YARN: Jumbo [Bernat Alize EZ Blanket Yarn]

SIZE: 54″ x 43″

The Cozy Loop Yarn Blanket pattern results in a big, chunky blanket that you will love to use day in and day out. Heck, loved ones might even try to steal it away from you!

The best part about this pattern is that it’s a youtube video so you can see exactly how to make it as you follow along.

Get the pattern >

Chunky Garter Stitch Blanket
Photo Credits: BeCozi

9. Chunky Garter Stitch Blanket

By: BeCozi

YARN: Jumbo

SIZE: Free size

Another jumbo project that you should definitely try out is this Chunky Garter Stitch Blanket!

It’s just as comfy as the other patterns here, but this time, you will learn how to create the perfect finger knit garter stitch! Super squishy and elastic, this stitch is both cozy and easy.

Get the pattern >

Seed Stitch Chunky Blanket
Photo Credits: BeCozi

10. Seed Stitch Chunky Blanket

By: BeCozi

YARN: Jumbo

SIZES: Free size

Love texture but don’t have the skills or bandwidth for complicated stitches Then try out the simple seed stitch!

Alternating knit and purl stitches make a dramatic bumpy texture that is both sturdy and looks great in any yarn!

Get the pattern >

My Take On Finger Knitting Blanket Patterns

I love chunky blankets! They’re so cozy, warm, and squishy. It’s like being covered in a gigantic marshmallow.

Chunky finger knitting blankets are the easiest and fastest way to make a whole knit blanket. Even beginners can quickly learn any finger knitting pattern in a single session.

In finger knitting the stitches are large and the yarns are even larger. These big yarns and big stitches make it very easy to see where and what your next stitches should be. It’s much easier to work with thick yarn too as you can use your hands to maneuver it instead of relying on two knitting needles!

Image of a knitted basketweave texture in finger knitting blankets.

Not sure what type of yarn you want for your finger-knitted blanket? Check out our guide about Yarn Weights!

We also published an article about alternative forms of knitting. So if you don’t feel like picking up a pair of knitting needles, make sure to check that out!

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