Loom Knitting for Beginners!

How to knit on a round knitting loom.

Welcome to the wonderful world of loom knitting! If you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes into the creative realm of crafting, loom knitting is the perfect gateway to unlock your inner artist. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter looking for a new hobby or a complete novice eager to explore the world of yarn, loom knitting offers a fun and accessible way to bring your knitting dreams to life.

So, what exactly is loom knitting?

Rather than two knitting needles like traditional knitting, loom knits are made on a series of pegs. Traditional knitting needles, can be a bit daunting for new crafters, loom knitting pegs act as a framework for your project. This makes it easier to create all sorts of projects like scarves, hats, blankets, and even socks without accidentally dropping stitches!


Why try loom knitting?

One of the biggest advantages of loom knitting is its user-friendly nature. It’s incredibly beginner-friendly and doesn’t require any prior knitting experience. Crafters of all ages can quickly grasp the basics and start knitting beautiful projects in one session.

The rhythmic motion of working with the loom can also be therapeutic! The action of looping and hooking the yarn on each peg can help you unwind while you create something special with your own hands.


Are knitting looms beginner-friendly?

YES! The knitting loom makes it easy to explore the endless combinations of colors, textures, and yarn types without the stress of dropped stitches.

Don’t worry about making mistakes; they are an important part of the learning process. Every project you finish helps you learn a little more and boosts your confidence. We’re excited to show you the basics and inspire you to experiment with more intricate designs and techniques as you get to know your knitting loom!

How to Choose Your First
Knitting Loom

Choosing the right tools to get started using a knitting loom can be intimidating! We take the guesswork out of choosing the right knitting loom for beginners including handy tips for quick and easy loom knitting projects.

Loom KNitting Tutorials

Getting started with your brand new craft!

Maybe you’re trying to figure out how in the WORLD you get the yarn onto those pegs? Not sure how to actually make fabric? We’ve got the answers for each of your beginner questions! 

Each tutorial below will walk you through all the basics for knitting your first project on a round knitting loom. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Getting the Yarn Onto the Pegs

Before you start knitting away, you need to wrap the yarn around each peg. This step is slightly different than knitting so it’s worth paying attention while you learn! 

There are many ways to start the yarn on the pegs, this technique is beginner-friendly and makes a super stretchy edge!

Step 2: The Knit Stitch for Knitting Looms!

Stitches create fabric and also make different textures. The knit stitch creates a flat “v” shapes fabric that’s smooth and stretchy. 

You can either knit a whole project using the knit stitch or combine it with a purl stitch to make different textures. 

This tutorial shows you how to do the “e-wrap” version of the knit stitch which is extra super stretchy compared to the basic knit stitch. 

Step 3: The Purl Stitch for Knitting Looms!

The purl stitch creates a bumpy textured fabric that’s sturdy and less stretchy than the knit stitch above. 

You can make a whole project using just the purl stitch on a knitting loom or combine it with the knit stitch to make different textures. 

This stitch is slightly harder to do than the knit stitch, if you have any trouble purling try starting with the knit stitch first!

Step 4: Cinched Cast Off for Knitting Looms

Casting off takes your project off the knitting loom and finishes the edge at the same time! The cinched bind off uses a yarn needle to pull the yarn through each loop before you pull it tight to close the end. 

Use this cast off to finish hats and bags! It’s also the fastest way to get your project off the loom.

Step 5: Flat Cast Off for Knitting Looms

Need to take your project off the knitting loom with a flat, smooth edge? The flat cast off is just what you need! 

Perfect for scarves, blankets, and dishcloths you’ll be able to finish your knits so that they have sturdy edges that last for years.

FREE Loom knitting 
Patterns for Beginners!

The best way to learn a new craft is with a free pattern! Beginners can easily knit hats, scarves, dishcloths and afghans on knitting looms. 

We’ve put together a bunch of collection of free loom knitting patterns for all the inspiration you need to get started! Make sure to check out the tutorials above if you need any help along the way!

Loom KNitting
Tips & Tricks!

Add some flair and finish those knits!

Now that your project is off the loom it’s time to add some extra pizazz! Create perfectly fluffy pompoms or learn how to tuck in the yarn ends on your finished project with these easy tutorials. 

Make Knitting Easy with Loom Tools!

Loom knitting tools can make learning how to knit on a loom faster, easier, and more fun! We’ll show you how to use loom knitting pen, loom knitting hooks, and stitch markers.

Finish it with a simple pompom!

Pompoms put the finishing touches on any project! This tutorial shows you how to use a handy-dandy pompom maker to create perfect pompoms every time. 

How to take care of those pesky yarn tails.

While it’s tempting to just snip the leftover yarn off your project, don’t! Eventually the knit fabric you worked so hard to make will start to unravel. 

Instead, learning how to weave the yarn tails into your finished fabric will ensure your project looks great and lasts for years without a problem.

A simple trick for easy threading!

The most fun yarns are also the hardest to thread through a yarn needle! We show you a quick hack that will make it easy to thread any yarn through a needle so that you can finish your project in a flash.

Adding another ball of yarn mid-project!

Whether you want to switch colors or you’ve run out of yarn part-way through a project, learning how to join a new ball is an important step!

The magic knot method will have you knitting in no time! This is a quick and easy way to connect yarn without interrupting your project. 

Common Loom Knitting Questions

Learning to use a knitting loom for beginners can be fun and easy! We answer some common questions to get you started.

To begin loom knitting, you’ll need a knitting loom! Looms come in various shapes and sizes for different projects. You’ll also need a loom hook and yarn suitable for your loom size. You might also find a yarn needle and set of stitch markers helpful for finishing your project and keeping track of where you are.

  1. The knitting loom size depends on the project and the yarn weight you’re using. Thicker yarns work best with larger looms with fewer pegs, while finer yarns are more suitable for smaller looms with more pegs. Check the loom’s packaging or label for yarn weight recommendations!


There are specific loom knitting patterns available online or in books that are designed specifically for knitting looms. In most cases, regular knitting patterns can’t be used directly for loom knitting.