Want to learn how to knit? You're in the right place! ​

Knitting for beginners can be fun and easy with just a few quick tutorials to get you started.  

First you’ll learn about how to get your yarn onto your needles, then we’ll show you the basic stitches (just two!), and finally you’ll finish off with a tutorial showing you how to get your project off your needles.  Over time we’ll be adding more tutorials to this section so stay tuned for more cast on and bind off techniques, how to weave your ends in and also some handy guides for choosing the right tools and yarn for every project. In the mean time… happy knitting!

Learn To Knit
With 5 Tutorials!

These basic tutorials have everything you need to know in order to start knitting in one day! You’ll learn how to start a project, the two basic stitches, and how to finish a project. Learning how to knit for beginners has never been so easy.

A slip knot gets the yarn onto your knitting needles. It is almost always the first step before casting on. Already a slip knot pro? Go ahead and skip ahead to casting on!

Casting on creates the very first row of your project. We’ll show you a great beginner-friendly technique that is quick, easy, and creates a nice sturdy edge for your knits!

The knit stitch is the very first stitch to learn! It’s so important that the whole craft is named after this technique. Next up… purling!

The purl stitch is the second stitch to learn. Once you learn how to knit and purl you’ll be able to whip up almost any basic beginner-friendly knitting pattern.

Also called casting off this is how you get the stitches off your needles while creating a finished edge at the same time. We’ll show you the easiest way to bind off in this quick tutorial!

Tutorials for
Finishing & Fixing

Whether you’re ready to finish your project or need to fix a mistake along the way, we’ve got a tutorial for that!

Tutorials for
Knitting in the Round

After learning how to knit flat back and forth it’s time to learn the basics of knitting projects in the round! Being able to knit around in one piece means you have fewer seams and can knit a project faster. Start with the Knitting in the Round tutorial to learn the basics before moving on to Magic Loop Knitting!