10 Stunning Free Crochet Shawl Patterns for Fall 2023

Fall is picking up the pace, and you know what that means: Layering!

Yes, it’s time to start layering your favorite clothing items and adding your favorite chunky items to the mix. But wait! It’s not cold enough for a full-on sweater, scarf, and jacket combo.

So we’ll turn to the next best way to keep ourselves warm: Crochet shawls!

Woman wearing a shawl. Image is simply for decorative purposes.
Keeping ourselves warm with cozy shawls!

Crochet shawls are perfect for almost any weather. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be made with many different types of yarn too. Changing the yarn material or weight makes it easy to crochet shawls for any season: summer shawls, fall shawls, and winter shawls too!

For now, we’re focusing on beautiful crochet shawl patterns for fall. So keep on scrolling!

Free Shawl Crochet Patterns for Fall

Crochet shawls look really complicated to make. But as with any crochet pattern, these come in different skill levels. So even beginners can make beautiful crocheted shawls too!

What You Need to Crochet a Shawl

Crocheted shawls have a few special materials. So let’s talk about them!

  • Crochet HooksCrochet Hooks are a must-have for these shawl patterns. You can find the right hook listed at the beginning of each pattern and also on yarn labels.
  • Yarn – Make sure to check the pattern to see what yarn weight to use. Each pattern should list a recommended brand or weight in the “suggested yarn” section of the free crochet shawl pattern you’re following! You can make sure you have the right weight by checking the yarn band.
  • Blocking kit – This is optional, but if you want your shawl to relax, open up, and maintain its crisp shape, then you may need some blocking pins and mats!
  • Scissors – A pair of scissors is another important tool that you will use for all of your knitting projects. You’ll need them to cut the yarn and trim any leftover yarn tails when you’re done!
  • Stitch markers – You might need stitch markers to keep track of where you are if you’re following a stitch pattern. For crochet make sure to use a locking-style stitch marker. If you used a closed marker you won’t be able to take it out of your fabric! If you don’t have stitch markers, you can use a strand of scrap yarn—preferably in a different color so it’s easy to see.
  • Yarn/darning needle – You will need a yarn needle or darning needle to sew in the loose ends.
  • Free crochet shawl patterns – Lastly, you’ll need free crochet shawl patterns to follow along with.

10 Free Crochet Shawl Patterns for Fall 2023!

Okay, I know you’re excited to check out what we have included in this round up. So here are 10 of the loveliest crochet shawls that you can find online!

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Free crochet shawl patterns: the Kaleidoscope Shawl.
© Coats & Clark

1. Kaleidoscope Shawl

By: Sara Kay Hartmann

YARN: Aran

SIZE: 62″ x 32″ [162.5 cm x 81.28 cm]

Bring fun pops of color to your outfit with this Kaleidoscope Shawl! Keep yourself warm by draping it over your shoulder or wrapping the shawl around your neck like a scarf!

Get the pattern >

Free crochet shawl patterns: the Shawl Good pattern.
© Hobby Lobby

2. Shawl Good

By: Hobby Lobby

YARN: Aran

SIZE: 56″ x 32″

Warm and snuggly, this Shawl Good crochet shawl pattern is a must-try for beginners and pro crocheters alike!

Whether you try switching color in each section, use an ombre yarn, or stick to a single tone, this shawl will still look as gorgeous and intricate as the finished photo you see!

Get the pattern >

Free crochet shawl patterns: Falling Water Shawl pattern
© Lion Brand Yarn

3. Falling Water Shawl

By: Lion Brand Yarn

YARN: Bulky

SIZE: 27″ x 55″

Texture is another thing shawls can add into your outfit. The Falling Water Shawl is an awesome free crochet shawl pattern that is suitable for beginners who want to challenge themselves to new stitches.

And don’t worry! The finished shawl may look complicated, but it’s just made with a combination of basic, beginner-level stitches.

See the pattern >

Free crochet shawl patterns: the Essex Street Triangle Shawl pattern.
© Lion Brand Yarn Company

4. Essex Street Triangle Shawl

By: Teresa Corzepa

YARN: Aran

SIZE: 66″ x 28″ [167.5 cm x 71 cm]

Do you prefer dainty shawls? Don’t worry, I’ve included a few on this list too!

This Essex Street Triangle Shawl adds a touch of elegance in an outfit. Plus, there are just days where we want to layer our favorites without the bulk of thicker accessories.

Get the pattern >

Free crochet shawl patterns: the Everyday Eyelets Shawl pattern.
© Lion Brand Yarn

5. Everyday Eyelets Shawl

By: Shiri Mor

YARN: Aran

SIZE: 70″ x 35″ [178 cm x 89 cm]

Eyelets are some of the most beautiful elements that you can add to your crochet garments.

This Everyday Eyelets Shawl pattern is another dainty piece to add to your collection.

This is a beginner-friendly crochet shawl pattern that walks you through each step of creating a cozy shawl that you can proudly wear out!

Get the pattern >

Free crochet shawl patterns: the Taiga Shawl pattern.
© Mijo Crochet

6. Taiga Shawl

By: Johanna Lindahl


SIZE: 150 cm x 73 cm

Got a stash of exciting colors? Why not try those out on this Taiga Shawl pattern?

The crisp, scalloped edges create a stark contrast to the usual soft, chunky outfits you would see during the fall.

Get the pattern >

Free crochet shawl patterns: the Wip Wednesday Cal Shawl.
© Lee Sartori

7. Wip Wednesday Cal Shawl

By: Lee Sartori

YARN: Fingering

SIZE: Adult [Unspecified]

Sometimes, all we need is a gigantic shawl to snuggle up in.

Well, look no further than this Wip Wednesday Cal Shawl pattern!

It’s big, it’s cozy, and most importantly, beginner-friendly!

It might take a while for you to complete the project, but it’s a great pattern to work on during your free time.

Get the pattern >

Free crochet shawl patterns: the Fall Pocket Shawl pattern.
© Carrie M Chambers

8. Fall Pocket Shawl

By: Carrie M Chambers

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: 66″ x 14″

Is there anything better than a chunky shawl?

A chunky shawl WITH. POCKETS. This awesome Fall Pocket Shawl pattern has to be my all-time favorite simply because, well, it has pockets!

I can put spare yarn there, my wallet, my phone, or a pair of knitted mittens too.

Get the pattern >

Free crochet shawl patterns: the Shawl Mimosa pattern.
© Fiorela Garcia

9. Shawl Mimosa

By: Fiorela Garcia

YARN: Bulky

SIZE: 74.8″ x 19.6″ [190 cm x 50 cm]

Time for some mimosas!

Normally, we’d have mimosas on the weekend or during vacations. Well, now we can wear them too!

Check out this fun and chunky Shawl Mimosa pattern! This crochet shawl pattern has fun tassels that add a more playful touch to the garment.

Get the pattern >

Free crochet shawl patterns: the Awakening Shawl pattern.
© The Crochet Fix

10. Awakening Shawl

By: The Crochet Fix

YARN: Sport

SIZES: 79″ x 33.5″ [200 cm x 85 cm]

If you live somewhere that doesn’t experience drastic seasonal changes, then you might prefer a lighter shawl.

This elegant Awakening Shawl is the perfect crochet shawl pattern for warmer locations and any season!

Get the pattern >

Thoughts On Free Shawl Crochet Patterns

I repeated the word “shawls” so much on this blog that you could probably turn it into a drinking game. But maybe only do that over hot cocoa!

Jokes aside, what do you think? Those free crochet shawl patterns are so gorgeous that it’s almost impossible to pick one out!

My top favorite here is the Fall Pocket Shawl because hello? pockets! Imagine what I could put inside of them. The Everyday Eyelets Shawl is a close second.

What were your favorites from the list of free crochet shawl patterns? Which crochet shawl pattern are you trying out? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

Looking for more crocheted pieces to add to your collection? Check out these cozy crocheted blankets and crocheted bucket hat patterns!

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