Pom Pom Maker Kit


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We know that learning a new hobby can be tricky. To help you along in your quest for a perfect pompom we’ve put together some tutorials to show you how to use your new kit! Make sure to check back, we’ll be adding new things all the time. Still a little stuck? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be in touch to answer your questions!

Tutorials to get you started

Learn how to make a pom pom in just a few minutes! Our tutorial for making the perfect pom pom below shows you all the steps to get you started. Want to attach your pom pom to a project? See our quick how-to further down on threading a yarn needle with any size yarn!

We’ll show you how to make one totally perfect pompom using the pompom makers in your kit!

Want to attach your pom pom to something? You’ll need to use a yarn needle to thread the pom pom ties through your project!. 

Sometimes it’s hard to get the yarn strand through the eye of the yarn needle. No worries! We have a tutorial showing you a quick-and-easy way to thread a needle perfectly each time. 

You can find the BeKnitting Pom Pom Maker Kit on Amazon! F

Each kit comes with four pompom makers and a pair of scissors packaged in a handy storage box.

Need more help?

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