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Knitting can be a tricky craft to learn, especially if you’re just working with a series of photos in a book.

Click through to see our how-to-knit videos for each technique and project in the booklet!

Learn how to use a knitting loom with the BeKnitting Easy Loom Knitting Kit!

Each kit comes with 3 beginner-friendly projects and everything you need to get started loom knitting in one easy weekend.

Everything you need to make three SUPER CUTE Pom Pom animals in one kit! Each kit comes with a pile of accessories to give each creation a ton of personality. You also get a folded play background so that you can create scenes and tell stories using your new friends.

Click through to see our how-to tutorials for using your new kit!

Learn how to make perfect pom poms using a set of handy dandy plastic pom pom makers!

Click through to see our how-to tutorials for using your new kit!

Measure swatches, check your needle and hook sizes, and figure out yarn weights with one handy tool!

Click through to learn more about using the BeKnitting Needle Gauge!

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