10 Free Heart Knitting Patterns for Valentine’s Day!

Ahh, Valentine’s Day…the day for people to express their love to their partners, loved ones, and friends.

Did you know that there are so many heart knitting patterns that can help you celebrate Valentine’s Day? There are knitted roses, knitted heart-shaped pillows, heart-themed scarves, and SO. MUCH. MORE!

Free heart knitting patterns.

These patterns are arranged from the simplest ones that you can finish within a few hours, and a few larger projects designed to make a statement.

If you’re ready to explore this wonderful list of heart knitting patterns, make sure to keep on scrolling!

Materials You Need for Knitting Heart Patterns

There are many ways you can incorporate hearts into your knits! There are certain materials that you will need depending on the heart knitting pattern you choose. Let’s talk about the essentials:

  • Knitting needles – You will need a sturdy pair of non-slippery knitting needles. You can use straight needles for flat projects, but a pair of wooden circular knitting needles might come in handy too!
  • Yarn – Make sure to check the pattern to see what yarn weight to use. You can typically find all of the details on your yarn band or in the “suggested yarn” section of your heart knitting pattern.
  • Scissors – A pair of scissors is another important tool that you will use for all of your knitting projects. You’ll need them to cut the yarn when you’re done!
  • Yarn/darning needle – You will need a yarn needle or darning needle to sew in the loose ends.
  • Heart knitting pattern – Don’t forget to download your top favorite knitted heat pattern from this round up!

10 Free Heart Knitting Patterns for Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air and we need to look the part! Keep with the heart themes all over town with these lovely heart knitting patterns.

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Faux Fur Heart Pillow
© Heather Pelletier

1. Faux Fur Heart Pillow

By: Heather Pelletier

YARN: Super Bulky

SIZE: 13″

Everyone needs a fuzzy heart-shaped throw pillow!

This Faux Fur Heart Pillow is going to be your greatest frenemy this Valentine’s day.

“Why ‘frenemy’?”, you ask. Well, that’s because as gorgeous and adorable fuzzy yarn is, it can be a total monster to work with! Haha! I know that first-hand…

But don’t let that scare you off. Fuzzy yarn looks AMAZING in knitted projects. This heart knitting pattern will surely add charm to your home!

Get the pattern >

Little Hearts
© Evan Anderson

2. Little Hearts

By: Susan B. Anderson

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: 2.25″ x 2″

Feel like your room needs a more Valentine-y flare? Then you just might need this heart-shaped knitting pattern!

The Little Hearts is an adorable knitting pattern perfect for Valentine’s day. They are perfect for keychains, stress balls, pin cushions, or even a precious garland to hang on your walls.

They’re quite easy to make too! These little knit hearts are a perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day decoration!

See the pattern >

Heart Winter Pompom Hat
© Tara Marie

3. Heart Winter Pompom Hat

By: Tara Marie

YARN: Super Bulky

SIZE: Newborn – Adult

No one wants to feel cold on one of the warmest holidays of the year! These Heart Winter Pompom Hats will be just what you need to keep your noggin toasty while keeping in theme.

Make sure to have your pom pom makers on hand for this cozy heart knitting pattern!

Get the pattern >

Rose (Knit)
© Lesley Stanfield

4. Rose (Knit)

By: Lesley Stanfield

YARN: Unspecified

SIZE: custom

Perfect for cute pins or a napkin ring, this knit Rose pattern should be on your list of projects this Valentine’s day!

This is a super simple little pattern. All you do is knit a few rows then coil them to form this pretty little rose.

Having a Galentine’s dinner? Add more of a romantic flare to your tablescape or outfit with this simple pattern!

Get the pattern >

Lovely Heart Dishcloth
© Snickerdoodle Knits

5. Lovely Heart Dishcloth

By: Snickerdoodle Knits

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: Small = 9″ x 9″ [23 cm x 23 cm], Large = 12″ x 14″ [30 cm x 36 cm]

Nothing screams VALENTINE’S DAY more than heart-themed dishcloths! Knitting heart patterns in small projects such as dishcloths can be a fantastic way to stay on-theme without feeling like you’re going overboard.

This beautiful heart knitting pattern has 2 sizing options, giving you some freedom in choosing which version will be perfect for the look you are going for!

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Peruvia Rose
© Berroco Design Team

6. Peruvia Rose

By: Berroco Design Team

YARN: Aran

SIZE: Rose = 3.25″, Leaf = 2.25″

Need flowers that last forever? Unique and stunning to behold, the Peruvia Rose patterns is the perfect gift!

It’s not every day that you get a handmade bouquet from someone close to your heart. So if you’re after a present that is memorable in the best ways possible, why not give this pattern a try?

Get the pattern >

© The Blue Mouse

7. Valentine

By: The Blue Mouse

YARN: Aran

SIZE: 20.5″ x 8″ [52 cm x 20.5 cm]

A sweet colorwork beanie is another great heart knitting pattern. This Valentine-themed pattern will look totally cute worn out on a date! It’s not too bulky and features tiny hearts all over the beanie.

Choose whatever color combination you like for this piece! Opt for a more “traditional” theme with red and whites, or spice it up with two different types of variegated yarn!

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Bubble Stitch Heart Pillow
© Kristen McDonnell

8. Bubble Stitch Heart Pillow

By: Kristen McDonnell

YARN: Super Bulky

SIZE: One Size = 15″ x 14″ x 4″

The knitted bubble stitch is a pretty stitch pattern that looks great in many different projects. This Bubble Stitch Heart Pillow is one example of that!

Just look at that pretty cushion. Imagine having this in your living room. You can’t deny how pleasing this is to your eyes!

It is a more complicated project and you will have to take your time making it. But it’s so adorable and timeless. You can have it out all year round!

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Heart Cable Knit Scarf
© Kristen McDonnell

9. Heart Cable Knit Scarf

By: Kristen McDonnell

YARN: Super Bulky

SIZE: 72″ x 7″

Need a heart knitting pattern that has more razzamatazz? Well, look no further than the Heart Cable Knit Scarf! Keep yourself warm while looking stylish with this stunning cabled scarf.

It’s the perfect romantic flare to level up any plain outfit. This is a must-knit project, if I do say so myself!

Get the pattern >

Valentine Love
© Sarah März

10. Valentine Love

By: Sarah März


SIZES: 36″ x 85″

Taking a romantic walk on a snow-covered path? Don’t forget to dress warmly by adding a sweet Valentine’s day shawl over your outfit.

Knit cables tend to be quite difficult to make, but this pattern is something I encourage beginners to try out!

The single cable running along the middle of the shawl can easily be made with minimal difficulty and the rhythm is quite easy to fall into.

Get the pattern >

Handmade Heart Knitting Patterns for the Month of Love!

WOW! There are so many amazing knits to get into the Valentine’s Day mood! I had so much fun gather these together for this heart knitting pattern round up. So many brilliant pattern designers, gorgeous patterns, and unique ideas. It was almost impossible to choose!

Well, I hope this list sparked some inspiration for your Valentine’s day projects. I really enjoyed reading about the Bubble Stitch Heart Pillow and Faux Fur Heart Pillow.

Which patterns caught your eye? I would love to hear all about it. Let’s chat in the comments section below!

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