Free Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern -

FREE I-Cord Edge Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern

It doesn’t get any easier than these basic fingerless mittens! Perfect for layering over another pair of regular gloves for extra coziness or wearing on their own during quick spring walks, these fingerless gloves work up super fast.

These mittens are made using simple, squishy garter stitch. Naturally textured, this stitch is also extra stretchy for the perfect fit. For an extra nice finish, there’s a slip stitch i-cord edge at the top and bottom of the mitts too.

How these fingerless mittens are made.
To make these fingerless gloves you’ll be knitting back and forth in rows until the finished rectangle fits comfortably around your palm. Next, the two short ends are seamed together leaving a thumb opening mid-seam. That’s it!

What’s cool about I-Cord Edging?

The best part about these mittens (besides the fact that they’re SUPER cozy!) is the I-cord edging! I-cord creates a smooth, rolled edge that gives any knit a polished and professional look.

These mittens are knit using garter stitch which typically has a bumpy, texture edge. The added I-cord creates a smooth opening that looks nice the minute they’re off the knitting needles and helps prevent the fingerless mittens from stretching out no matter how many times you wear them.

This is a great project to try out knit i-cord edging for the first time.

Try stripes!

Want to try to knit striped i-cord edge fingerless mittens? Fantastic! Andrea Mowry has a great YouTube video showing how to change colors to knit stripes in a project that has a knit-as-you-go i-cord edge, just like these mittens do. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’d like to take your own pair of mittens up a notch!

Free fingerless mittens knitting pattern

Fingerless Mittens Sizing

The pattern instructions will make a pair of knit fingerless mittens that are approximately 6″ x length to fit (about 7” unstretched).

But! Because these mitts are knit until they stretch around your hand which means you can make them to fit anyone! The pattern is written for an average medium adult-sized hand however you can make them child-sized by casting on fewer stitches and knitting for a shorter finished length.


Helpful Tutorials

Knitting Gauge

20 sts & 48 rows = 4” / 10cm in garter stitch using US 5 (3.75mm) knitting needles.
Matching the knitting gauge is not critical in this project, use the knitting gauge measurement as a guide to best match the examples in these photos.

Have questions? Read the next section for tips & tricks to help you get the right knitting gauge.

Get the Free Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern!

Ready to knit these fingerless mittens? Click the button below to download the PDF with everything you need to make your own cozy pair of garter stitch fingerless knit mittens.

Free fingerless gloves knitting pattern

Tips & Tricks Adjusting Your Knitting Gauge

This is a great project for experimenting with gauge and tension in your knitting.
They’ll be wonderful fingerless mittens either way!

But what exactly will happen if your knitting gauge doesn’t match ours? Let’s see!

– If you knit at a looser gauge (fewer stitches per inch) then you will have a looser, more airy fabric.
– If you knit at a tighter gauge (more stitches per inch) then you will have a tighter, more dense fabric.

Want to learn more? We have a whole tutorial and video covering everything you need to know about knitting gauge.

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