Learn how to knit - Three Reasons

Why You Should Learn How Knit

Beyond being able to make a pile of oh-so-cozy sweaters, hats, and mittens, taking the time to learn how to knit has so many benefits! We love the simple joys of choosing the perfect yarn for a new project, or the excitement of finding a new *perfect* pattern.

Not a knitter yet? You can learn how to knit right here! Read to the end for helpful tutorials and pattern round ups to get you started!

Time to relax!

Stitch by stitch, knitting is both a meditative and calming. Taking up a pair of needles and some soft yarn can help reduce stress and anxiety. Once you get comfortable with the basic knitting techniques you’ll be able to keep your hands busy while you unwind.

Many knitters will have a simple stockinette project on the needles that they can work on without having to concentrate on it, and a second more complicated project to challenge themselves with too! Try basic beanies, scarves, or afghans if you’re looking for a project that’s totally relaxing to work on between meetings, on your lunch break, or while you spend a weekend with your favorite tv show.

Custom fit, just for you!

Being able to customize each project is the best part about knitting! Mix-and-match yarn, measurements, and finishes to get the perfect project every time.

Sweaters are great examples of endlessly customizable projects. Knit the sleeves and body longer or shorter to fit exactly as they should. Once you get comfortable with construction you can change necklines or swap stitch patterns with just a little quick math.

Make the perfect gift!

Handmade gifts are always special when every stitch is made with love and care. Knowing how to knit makes it easy to create personalized gifts for loved ones. Duplicate stitch makes it easy to add names or motifs to a simple project like Christmas stockings, sweaters, or hats!

New babies are a great time to break out the knitting needles and the extra soft yarn. Baby knits are a great time to try a new technique, stitch pattern, or yarn. They’re quick to knit and extra adorable every time.

Free Baby Hat Knitting Pattern Round Up Main Image

Free Baby Hat Patterns


Free baby knitting patterns

Free Baby Knitting Patterns


Overall, knitting is a fun and rewarding hobby that offers a great way to relax, be creative, and make something that is both beautiful and useful. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more people are taking up knitting!

While knitting for beginners can be a little bit tricky, choosing simple projects to start can make the process easier stress-free from the start. If you’re a new knitter, we’ve got all the tutorials you need to learn to knit right here!

Learn how to knit with some patterns!

If you’re looking for project ideas, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together round ups of the most popular free beginner-friendly knitting patterns on our blog.

Need more inspiration? Want to connect with fellow crafters? Ready to research yarns? Ravelry.com is a fantastic, free resource for knitters!

Free knit vest patterns

Free Knit Vest Patterns


Free super bulky sweater patterns

Super Bulky Sweater Patterns


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