Need inspiration for a handmade gift to give to a new baby in the family? We’ve got you covered with this list of free baby knitting patterns! 

The internet has no shortage of free baby knitting patterns; but it can be tedious to sift through them all to find high-quality, easy-to-follow patterns! To help you with that; we curated a round up of baby knitting patterns that are easy to read and understand even for those new to knitting.

Need some extra help? If you get stuck or need a knitting technique refresher, you can head over to our “Knitting for Beginners” section. You can also bookmark our Knitting Stitches pages as a quick reference guide!

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What is the easiest thing to knit for a baby?

In general, projects that are knit flat or use chunkier yarn are easier for beginner knitters to make! We also recommend picking a smaller project first. For example, a baby hat might be easier than a large baby blanket as a first project. Different skill levels also play a big part in determining what is “easy” for someone.

We’ve sifted through free baby knitting patterns online for you, and curated a variety of project types for you to try out for yourself –  from baby accessories, toys, blankets, and clothes!

Choosing the Right Yarn for Baby Knitting Patterns

Before starting on a project that you intend to gift to a baby, it’s also important to give some thought to what type of yarn you’ll be using. The best yarn for babies are fibers that are soft and easy to wash. Cotton yarns would be a safe choice for any baby project. Bamboo and acrylic yarns are also great options. All three are machine washable, available at most craft stores, soft, and will look good over a long period of time and use.  

We recommend avoiding using wool or any other animal fiber yarn for new babies. Animal fibers can cause some allergic reactions and should be avoided until you know it’s safe. Wool, alpaca, angora, and other animal fibers also requires handwashing to clean.

Whatever material you choose, make sure it is VERY soft and easy to wash! Also, when in doubt, it would be best to check in with the parents.

Knit Lovey - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Yarnspirations Studio

1. Knit Lovey

by Yarnspirations Design Studio

YARN: Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn

This is one of our favorite baby knitting patterns and is a great “two-in-one” knitting pattern. This pattern shows you how to make a soft blankie with an attached softie toy plushie. Both of which are fairly simple for beginner knitters to construct!

Loveys are also called “security blankets” because they’re believed to provide little ones with comfort and soothing. Now doesn’t that sound like a perfect gift for babies?

Heads up: Knitting softie toys usually calls for knitting increases.

See the pattern!

Preemie Octopus - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Anna Nat Howard

2. Preemie Octopus

by Anna Nat Howard

YARN: Any DK weight yarn

Speaking of “security blankets”, here’s another lovely knitted friend that would make a wonderful gift.

Many crafters knit toys like this octopus softie and donate them to preemie babies in NICU wards. It’s been observed that babies who cuddle up with these softies feel more relaxed and become less fussy. If you’re looking for a fun and easy pattern to try, this one is it! Make sure to knit an extra one to donate to your local hospital.

The pattern is quite flexible so you can play around with it. You can add or remove details from it. Experiment with colorful yarn, or make them in solid colors!

See the pattern!

Beans the Cat - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Linda Dawkins

3. Beans the Cat

by Linda Dawkins

YARN: Any DK weight yarn

This softie pattern is a favorite of ours as it does not entail having to sew up so many different parts, the only exception being the tail (which you can do away with, if you like!).

This project is not yarn-weight sensitive, so you can use thicker yarns for this pattern. If you do, you’ll have an even bigger softie! 

Quick reminder: If you’re gifting this to a baby, it’s best to embroider the eyes, nose, and other parts using yarn instead of using plastic buttons.

You will need a pair of circular knitting needles to knit this project. Feel free to check our Magic Loop Knitting and  Knitting in the Round tutorials if you are new to circular knitting needles.

See the pattern!

Cottontail Bunny Cocoon & Hat - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Julie Farmer

4. Cottontail Bunny Cocoon & Hat

by Julie Farmer

YARN: Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby Solids

There’s probably nothing cuter than this matching bunny swaddle and hat pattern set!

This adorable cocoon-style blanket is perfect for keeping a little one nice and warm for cozier nights.

See the pattern!

Easy Baby Blanket - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Andi Satterlund

5. Easy Baby Blanket

by Andi Satterlund

YARN: Cascade 220 Superwash

Thinking about going a little bigger? Try this knit baby blanket pattern. 

This baby blanket pattern will be knitted from corner to corner (upper left to bottom right). You will start with a few stitches at one corner, then continuously increase until you reach the desired width. Once you reach the desired width, you then decrease the number of stitches until you have the same number of stitches as when you started.

If you aren’t sure what size you want your baby blanket to be, you can knit corner to corner as it can let you easily manage the sizing. 

See the pattern!

Woodland Moss Baby Blanket - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Dayna (This Yellow Farmhouse blog)

6. Woodland Moss Baby Blanket

by Dayna, This Yellow Farmhouse

YARN: We Are Knitters The Petite Wool

You can’t go wrong with a baby blanket! This pattern uses moss stitch – a great stitch pattern used to add texture and give the fabric a very timeless and, dare we say, embellished look.

Moss stitch can be done by both seasoned and beginner knitters! Moss stitch is a simple combination of knit and purl stitches making it an easy stitch pattern to memorize.

See the pattern!

Baby Booties - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Louise Bollanos

7. Baby Booties

by Louise Bollanos

YARN: Rico Design Creative Cotton Aran

SIZES: 0-3 months / 3-6 months / 6-9 months

This is a great, easy-to-follow knitted baby bootie pattern. It comes with a step-by-step photo tutorial of the construction techniques used to seam these baby booties, perfect for visual learners. 

See the pattern!

Basic Mary Jane Booties - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Christy Hills

8. Basic Mary Jane Booties

by Christy Hills

YARN: Caron Simply Soft

SIZES: 0-3 months / 3-6 months / 6-9 months

There are so many baby knitting patterns for baby booties, but only a few come with a video tutorial like this one. If this is your very first time making a bootie, following the knitting video tutorial will come in very handy for several of the steps.

See the pattern!

Bows Before Bros - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Carrie Briggs

9. Bows Before Bros

by Carrie Briggs

YARN: Caron Simply Soft (category 4 medium worsted yarn)

SIZES: 0-3 months / 3-6 months / 6-9 months

With that oversized pink bow, we couldn’t resist adding this darling pair of knitted baby booties to the list! 

Feel free to mix and match colors for even more colorful little shoes.

See the pattern!

Little Socks - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Spruce Crafts

10. Little Socks

by Sarah E. White

YARN: Any worsted weight yarn

Knitting socks may not be a very “beginner-friendly” project but this pattern includes a detailed step-by-step photo tutorial to help you overcome any apprehension you have about learning how to knit socks and using DPNS (double-pointed needles). 

Caution: After trying out this pattern, you might soon find yourself getting addicted to knitting baby socks!

See the pattern!

Baby Ombre Leg Warmers - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Gina Michele

11. Baby Ombre Leg Warmers

by Gina Michele

YARN: Lion Brand Landscape Yarn

SIZES: 6-12 months / 12-18 months / 18-24 months

Here’s another of our favorite baby knitting patterns for you. Baby leg warmers are a great clothing option for fussy babies who aren’t huge fans of socks (or pants!).

If you’ve ever knit a pair of socks or booties, this one will be very easy to make!

See the pattern!

Ranito Leo Diaper Cover - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Maria del Puerto Fernandez

12. Ranito Leo Diaper Cover

by Maria del Puerto Fernandez

YARN: DROPS Merino Extra Fine


While most diaper cover knitting patterns have a “pull-up” style, this one comes with buttons and can be opened in front. The flap on the front is a great design touch as it makes changing time so much easier!

This knitted baby diaper cover pattern comes with a video tutorial so you have a reference for its construction.

See the pattern!

Scattered Notions Skirt - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Michelle McCrea

13. Scattered Notions Skirt

by Michelle McCrea

YARN: Any worsted weight yarn

SIZES: 12 mo (2-3 yrs, 4-5 yrs, 5-6 yrs, 7-8 yrs, 9-10 yrs)

This is a very basic knitted baby skirt pattern that gives you a lot of room to experiment. Practice your knitting increases and add as many or as little details as you’d like using buttons or ribbons. You can also easily play with yarn colors too.

See the pattern!

Billie - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Asa Buchta

14. Billie

by Asa Buchta

YARN: Berroco Vintage Baby


Directions are for infant sizes (3, 6,
9) [12, 18, 24] mos

This free knitting pattern for baby pants looks so comfy and classic.

We’d definitely consider this one of our top “must-make” baby knitting patterns. The best thing about it is that it’s an excellent, timeless gift. Choosing a nice neutral yarn would make these little pants an instant “family heirloom” item that can be passed down to future babies too.

See the pattern!

Poncho Pullover - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Yarnspirations Design Studio

15. Poncho Pullover

by Yarnspirations Design Studio

YARN: Bernat Baby Velvet

SIZES: Finished chest – 6 mos 20″ [51 cm], 12 mos 21″ [53.5 cm], 18 mos 22″ [56 cm], 24 mos 23″ [58.5 cm]

This baby poncho pattern is knitted in one piece, top-down. Its construction is fairly simple – perfect for beginner knitters!

This is a very basic pattern so, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can play with it by extending the length of its body and arms.

See the pattern!

Teddy Bear Sweater - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Marta Porcel

16. Teddy Bear Sweater

by Marta Porcel

YARN: Drops Alpaca Boucle

SIZES: 1 Month

Just look at this cute teddy bear sweater!

This free knitted sweater pattern may look complicated, but it comes with a tutorial and photos to guide you through all the steps for making your first, basic sweater.

See the pattern!

Hara Dress - Baby Knitting Patterns
photo credit: Johanna Marshall

17. Hara Dress

by Johanna Marshall

YARN: Any DK weight cotton yarn


This dress is a great example of easy baby knitting patterns that are super fun and simple to make.

This pattern is easy to customize by choosing different yarns! Use a skein of multicolored yarn for a bright, cheerful outfit or go with a classically neutral yarn for a totally flexible piece that can be layered with any onesie or tights.

See the pattern!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this list of free baby knitting patterns! We tried to find a great mix of easy but exciting patterns that would make truly wonderful gifts for a little one in your life.

If you have any favorite baby knitting patterns that we missed out on, feel free to comment them down below for everyone else to see! Happy knitting!

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