10+ Beautiful Fluffy Knit Dishcloth Patterns for Your Home!

We usually think of dishcloths as drab rags that we use to clean around the house. But they don’t need to be! Dishcloths can easily be both useful and decorative at the same time. A set of handmade dishcloths can bring pops of color and texture to any space.

Yes, you read that right! These small, hardworking bits of fabric can bring so much to your home and most people don’t even know that!

Knit dishcloth patterns

Today, we’re going to explore a few gorgeous knit dishcloth patterns that you can add to your own living spaces. Ready? Then keep on scrolling!

What You Need for Making Knitted Dishcloths

You won’t need any special tools and materials to make beautiful knitted dishcloths. Let’s talk about the common tools you will need to get started!

  • Knitting needles – A pair of sturdy knitting needles are the most important tools you will need for today’s round-up. They come in different needle sizes, so make sure to check the pattern’s recommended sizes or look for the recommended size on your yarn wrapper!
  • Yarn – These knit dishcloth patterns will have their own yarn suggestions, so make sure to check those out too in the “recommended yarn” section! Pay attention to the yarn weight and suggested fiber type if you’re going to choose a different yarn than what the designer recommends.
    Choosing the right yarn fiber: For dishcloths make sure to choose a yarn that’s absorbent but also machine washable. Cotton and linen bring important sturdy cleaning power to any knit dishcloth. Choose a bamboo yarn for super soft scrubbing situations.
  • Scissors – A pair of scissors is another important tool that you will use for all of your knitting projects. You’ll need them to cut yarn tails and hide loose ends.
  • Stitch markers – You might need stitch markers to keep track of where you are in a given pattern. If you don’t have stitch markers, use a strand of scrap yarn or a thin paper clip—preferably in a bright color so it’s easy to see.
  • Yarn/darning needle – You will need a yarn needle or darning needle to sew in the loose yarn ends.
  • Free dishcloth knitting patterns – Don’t forget to get your favorite knit dishcloth pattern!

10+ Beautiful Fluffy Knit Dishcloth Patterns for Your Home!

Time to get down to business! I’ve put together a list of my top 10 knit dishcloth patterns for you today. Whether you’re making a stack of these to stash in your cleaning drawer at home or want to knit a set as the perfect housewarming gift, I’ve got a pattern for you!

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Super Fast Chunky Garter Stitch Dishcloth
© Yarnspirations Design Studio

1. Super Fast Chunky Garter Stitch Dishcloth

By: Yarnspirations Design Studio

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: 8″ x 8″ [20.5 cm]

Need a knit dishcloth pattern that is quick and easy to stitch up? The Super Fast Chunky Garter Stitch Dishcloth might be just the answer you’re looking for.

The pattern is perfect for beginners to practice knitting garter stitch and even better for busy knitters who just want something they can use for everyday life!

Get the pattern >

Close Knit Washcloth
© Purl Soho

2. Close Knit Washcloth

By: Purl Soho

YARN: Sport

SIZE: 7″ x 7″

Free dishcloth knitting patterns like this Close Knit Washcloth may look simple… because they are! These basic stitches have all the scrubbing power you need to withstand many, many uses.

Another great plus is that it’s quick to knit up with the yarn scraps you have from previous projects!

Get the pattern >

Fair + Square Washcloth
© Purl Soho

3. Fair + Square Washcloth

By: Purl Soho

YARN: Aran

SIZE: 10.25″ x 10.25

Sometimes, all we need are perfectly square knit dishcloth patterns!

This free dishcloth knitting pattern is an absolute dream to make. This pattern is easy to memorize and the finished project is both useful and colorful.

This pattern is a great way to practice your knit decrease skills, specifically the popular K2tog.

See the pattern >

Tin Ceiling Washcloth + Hand Towel
© Sandi Rosner

4. Tin Ceiling Washcloth + Hand Towel

By: Sandi Rosner

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: 12.25″ x 11.25″

Need some really nice dishcloths that you can set out whenever you have guests? The Tin Ceiling Washcloth + Hand Towel is definitely the knit dishcloth pattern you want!

The gorgeous diamond patterns easily elevates the plain dishcloth and turns something we normally ignore, into the perfect subtle oomph!

Get the pattern >

Keep Me Clean Washcloths
© Row House

5. Keep Me Clean Washcloths

By: Row House


SIZE: 6.5″ x 6.5″

These simple cloths can be used as either dishcloths or knit washcloths. Exfoliating is an essential step for clean and healthy skin. But it can be wasteful to frequently buy new loofas and scrubs.

Free dishcloth knitting patterns like the Keep Me Clean Washcloths guide you through creating your own exfoliating washcloths that you can wash and re-use for far longer than many store-bought ones!

Get the pattern >

Simple Washcloth No3
© Gemma Staples

6. Simple Washcloth No3

By: Gemma Staples


SIZE: Unspecified

Don’t let these textured stitches fool you, this Simple Washcloth No 3 is easily one of the best free dishcloth knitting patterns for anyone who wants knitting projects to use every day.

Plus, this pattern has an adorable waffle-like texture that is always a welcome sight!

Get the pattern >

Mini Almost-Lost Washcloth
© 2014 Simply Notable

7. Mini Almost-Lost Washcloth

By: Sandy Tieman

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: Unspecified

Truly one of the most uniquely-shaped washcloths, the Mini Almost-Lost Washcloth isn’t a basic, square piece of cloth. Instead these washcloths are works of art that are still super scrubby too!

I love a knitting pattern that’s interesting enough for a guest bathroom but can also do double duty as a hardcore dishscrubber too.

Get the pattern >

Pineapple Washcloth 2
© Megan Hallam

8. Pineapple Washcloth 2

By: Megan Hallam

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: 8″ x 8.5″

Cute and zesty, this Pineapple Washcloth pattern is another pretty washcloth pattern worth a try. This eases you into textured stitches without having to commit to a huge project.

This pattern is perfect for tropical-themed parties in your back yard too!

Get the pattern >

Washcloth Quartet
© Megan Goodacre

9. Washcloth Quartet

By: Megan Goodacre

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: 6″ x 6″ [15 cm x 15 cm]

A set of four different free dishcloth knitting patterns, the Washcloth Quartet is perfect for anyone who loves cohesive, yet mismatched home accessories.

This a set of 4 simple yet beautiful free dishcloth knitting patterns can do it all. Use them as exfoliating clothes, dish-drying cloth, and even makeshift pot holders!

Get the pattern >

Mura Towel
© Crystal Marin

10. Mura Towel

By: Crystal Marin

YARN: Worsted

SIZES: 16.5″ x 13″ [42 cm x 33 cm]

Dishcloths and drying towels should always be within arm’s reach! You never know when you’ll need to dry off a cooking pan or safely open a warm oven.

The Mural Towel is a knit dishcloth pattern designed to be easy to spot and use whenever you need it!

Get the pattern >

Splashtime Knitted Washcloths
© Catherine McLennan

11. Splashtime Knitted Washcloths

By: Catherine McLennan

YARN: Sport

SIZES: 8″ x 8″ [20 cm x 20 cm]

The yarn you choose to use on your knit dishcloth patterns can really change up the whole look!

The Splashtime Knitted Washcloths may be simple and easy to make, but the colorful yarn adds a unique charm to each knitted piece!

Get the pattern >

Bobble Stitch Washcloth
© jerseysfreshest

12. Bobble Stitch Washcloth

By: Molly Larobina

YARN: Worsted

SIZES: Unspecified

Textured stitches are great for washcloths or dischloths. This Bobble Stitch Washcloth has enough texture to scrub, looks nice enough to have for guests, and is interesting enough to keep even the most active toddler occupied during bath time!

The little bobbles also look quite adorable. So this will be a fun little swatch to have around!

Get the pattern >

Spicing Up the Home with Fun Knit Dishcloth Patterns!

Your dishcloths don’t have to be plain and boring. Nor do you have to keep buying new ones every time your old dishcloths start to get worn out! There are many easy knit dishcloth patterns at your disposal.

This list of free dishcloth knitting patterns is perfect for every crafty people out there who love to add a personal touch to everything they have in their homes!

We have many more knitting patterns that are worth checking out too! Check out our post with even MORE free dishcloth knitting patterns or our round up of 10 Fun Tote Bag Knitting Patterns too!

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