Free Patterns for Knit Tote Bags

Everybody needs a sturdy everyday tote bag. Their uses are innumerable! A knitted tote bag can be used for grocery shopping, carrying books, and running daily errands, they’re a great grab-and-go option for just about anybody!

Free knit tote bag pattern
Knit tote bag
Free knit tote bag pattern
Knit tote bag
Free knit tote bag pattern
Knit tote bag
Free knit tote bag pattern
knit tote bag
Free knit tote bag pattern
knit tote bag

If you’re new to knitting, a tote bag knitting pattern is a great one to start with because they’re relatively simple and straightforward. Bigger projects like sweaters or blankets take a lot of time and attention and you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed or tired in the middle. Knitting bags can be a great medium-sized project to take on. They’re fun and functional and just all-around a joy to knit!

We’ve collected a few of our favorite free knit tote bag patterns for you to try! We’ve credited the original designers as best as we could in the descriptions of each pattern.

What are the Best Materials for Knit Tote Bags?

Before we jump in, we’d like to touch briefly on the materials that would best be used for knitted bags. While aesthetics plays a huge part in choosing a go-to everyday bag, a well-made knit tote bag is one you find comfortable and sturdy enough to use for whatever the day may bring.

Your tote bag should be made of material that’s resistant to wear and tear. If you’re using it every day, it makes sense that it should handle everyday use. Stick to natural fibers like cotton or linen since they’re more resistant to losing their shape even when they get wet compared to synthetic fibers. However, if the designer recommends a specific yarn type in their pattern, you can’t go wrong following their recommendations!

Can I a knit tote bag with straight needles?

The knitted tote bag patterns on this list do call for knitting in the round. But the answer is yes, it’s definitely possible to knit flat when making a tote bag. Though, it’s more common to see patterns that ask you to knit some parts flat and some parts in the round. In order to knit bigger-sized bags, you will need to learn how to use circular needles too.

How difficult is it to knit a bag?

Knitting a tote bag isn’t too hard at all. There are many beginner-friendly, well-written patterns out there that are free to download. You can start knitting a bag right away with just a few basic knitting tools and know-how! We compiled this list to help you get started!

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Knit Tote Bag Pattern - Simple Knit Tote
Photo Credit: Purl Soho

1. Simple Knit Tote

by Jake Canton for  Purl Soho

YARN: Worsted weight yarn


  • Finished Circumference: 25 inches
  • Finished Height: 11 inches

With the slouchy, cool-girl look of this knit tote bag. Also, look at those thick straps! Your shoulders would thank you for making this bag. The construction is fairly simple as well. The base is knit flat and the body is knit in the round. Make this knit tote in white like in the sample photos, or in every color of the rainbow, it really is a great weekend project to take on. 

See the pattern >

Knit Tote Bag Pattern - Mohave Slouchy Tote Bag
Photo Credit: Mama in a Stitch

2. Mohave Slouchy Tote Bag

by Jessica Potasz of Mama in a Stitch

YARN: Aran weight yarn

SIZES: 17” wide x 18” tall when laid flat

Next up we’re coming at you with a bag we can see anyone using all throughout summer and fall. This oversize knitted tote would be perfect for beach outings with family or weekend farmer’s market runs. It’s also a great project to get acquainted with basic colorwork and how to knit with two yarns!

If you’d rather not knit with 2 yarns, you can also switch out the yarn for a chunky or super bulky yarn.

See the pattern >

Knit Tote Bag Pattern - ATX Linen Tote
Photo Credit: Staci Perry

3. ATX Linen Tote

by Staci Perry

YARN: Sport or DK weight yarn, Cotton or Linen material

SIZES: One size, bag bottom is 14” in diameter (36cm), length is 14”, strap can be made any length

This knitted bag is named “ATX” after the city the designer lives – Austin, Texas! It was designed to be a reusable grocery bag, but will definitely work great as an all-purpose tote.

The pattern does have a few tricky parts, so this is more of an “advanced beginner” project, but worry not! The designer has a video tutorial that goes with this pattern to help you through the process.

See the pattern >

Knit Tote Bag Pattern - Folio Tote
Photo Credit: Alexandra Tavel

4. Folio Tote

by Alexandra Tavel

YARN: Bulky weight yarn

SIZES: Width 13”/33cm, Length 16”/40.5cm

Whether you’re heading to a local bookstore or your favorite bakery, this Folio Tote and its thick straps will make the perfect hand-to-shoulder accessory for carrying everything you need on your next excursion. 

We love how the designer goes into a little comparison between crochet bag and knit bag patterns, plus how to combat the “stretch factor” of knit bags. Her pattern calls for you to use a tighter stockinette stitch while knitting in the round!

See the pattern >

Knit Tote Bag Pattern - Yet Bag
Photo Credit: Cocoknits.com

5. Yeti Bag

by Julie Weisenberger

YARN: Bulky weight yarn (that gets gauge)


  • Circumference: 18” / 46 cm
  • Depth: 12” / 20 cm

Fun, fuzzy, and fitted with leather straps, this Yeti bag has as much personality as it does function! The bag is meant to be knit from the bottom up with a Provisional Cast On and Jeny’s Stretchy Bind Off. 

You can easily modify this knitted bag pattern to be as small or big as you’d like. Give it a go!

See the pattern >

Knit Tote Bag Pattern - Twill Tote
Photo Credit: Purl Soho

6. Twill Tote

by Jake Canton for Purl Soho

YARN: Sport weight, Linen


  • Finished Circumference: 22 inches
  • Finished Height: 12 inches
  • Strap Width: 2¼ inches
  • Strap Length: 22 inches

This tote bag knitting pattern is a perfect summer project. The unstructured look of this tote-slash-bucket bag makes it ideal for any casual get-together. Fill it with towels and sunscreen bottles for trips to the beach!

See the pattern > 

Knit Tote Bag Pattern - Rheinpack
Photo Credit: Nina Dunkhorst

7. Rheinpack

by Nina Dunkhorst

YARN: Super Bulky weight yarn

SIZES: Approximately 38cm width x 40 cm length

If you want a quick knit tote bag project to fill your weekend, try this Rheinpack shopper tote! It’s knit in one piece from the top down using Garter Stitch.

Use some scrap yarn to add a little tassel on the handle and you’ve got yourself a timeless piece! 

See the pattern >

Knit Tote Bag Pattern - Heel Stitch Tote
Photo Credit: Purl Soho

8. Heel Stitch Tote

by Jake Canton for Purl Soho

YARN: Super Bulky weight yarn


  • Finished Circumference: 26 inches
  • Finished Height: 14 inches
  • Finished Strap Width: 3 inches
  • Finished Strap Length: 38 inches

Now here’s a lovely errand tote bag pattern for you! It calls for you to make a long, cross-body strap – great for keeping your hands free while on the go.

It is a super simple knit tote bag pattern and, since it isn’t too big, it makes for a quick project! It does require a Three Needle Bind Off, so make sure you have a spare straight needle or DPN around while making this. 

See the pattern >

Knit tote bag pattern - Fabulous ZigZag Bag
Photo Credit: Yarnplaza

9. Fabulous ZigZag Bag

by Yarnplaza

YARN: Bulky weight yarn

This Fabulous ZigZag knit tote bag has us obsessed! The finished bag has so much texture and personality, so it’s definitely a little “dressier” than other bags on this list – perfect for parties and going out on the town.

It’s knit using Stockinette Stitch and Slip Stitch. For an extra cheerful look, you can add some pompoms! Pompoms are our current favorite way to make use of scrap yarn! 

See the pattern >

Knit tote bag pattern - 6820 Striped Felted Bag
Photo Credit: Schachenmayr Design Team

10. 6820 Striped Felted Bag

by Schachenmayr Design Team

YARN: Super Bulky, 100% Wool

SIZES: After felting approx. 13¾” [35cm] wide and 11¾” [30cm] tall.

This eye-catching and sophisticated felted knit tote bag is perfect for strolling around town, light shopping, or meeting up with friends! These are knit in the round from the bottom up. It also features the use of the kitchener stitch to create that rounded, seamless look we love in a tote bag. 

If you’ve never knit a felted project before, this is a good choice for an entry point.

See the pattern >

Final Thoughts

There you go! 10 fun and functional tote bag knitting patterns for you to try. We hope you find a pattern that inspired you to start your next project.

These knit tote bag patterns call for you to use basic knitting skills we’ve covered in our tutorials. If you feel stuck and need a refresher, go over our written and video tutorials here. Stumped by a cast on or bind off? We have tutorials for those too!

Do you have a favorite knit tote bag pattern that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments. Happy knitting!

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