15+ Best Holiday Gifts for Knitters Starting Under $20!

It’s that time of the year again. Time to lose our minds over what gifts to give all our loved ones! Look, it’s hard enough that you will have to find creative ways to hide the holiday goods before the actual holiday, but now you have to make sure to get something they would love too.

You might even have a new knitter on your holiday gift list and you know next to nothing about the craft. You might be wondering ‘What are the best gifts for knitters?’ and stuck trying to figure out where to even start.

Buckle up because we’ve got a whole list of knitterly goodies for you to choose from!

The best gifts for knitters!

If it makes you feel better, even fellow knitters have some trouble picking out gifts for knitters too! So what’s something you can give a knitter that they will still love and use?

Probably everything on this list!

Pricing List for the Best Gifts for Knitters:

This list is quite long, so we’re giving you a sneak peek at what you will find in this gifting guide for knitters! Click on each link to jump right to that section.

Under $20

  • Pom Pom Makers
  • Fun-shaped Stitch Markers
  • Knitting Bag 
  • Blocking combs and Blocking Pins 
  • Knitting Pattern Keeper
  • Eucalan Delicate Wash
  • Soak Wash

Under $30

  • Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case
  • Yarn Bowl
  • Neck light

Under $50

  • Yarn Winder
  • Yarn Swift

Under $70

  • Blocking Mats with Pins Set
  • Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

Under $200

  • Addi Express Knitting Machine


  • Beginner Knitting Kit
  • Loom knitting kit


Pom Pom Makers
BeKnitting Store

1. Pom Pom Makers

Price: $10.99

Pom poms are cute additions to almost any knitted project. But they can be quite fidgety to make by hand or with a homemade pom pom maker!

Having a set of pom pom makers in varying sizes is easily one of the best gifts for knitters who love to add adorable fluff to their masterpieces. Plus pom poms are just so darn cute on their own too!

Get it here!

Fun-Shaped Stitch Markers!
DoreenBeads Store

2. Fun-Shaped Stitch Markers!

Price: Under $10 to $15

Counting stitches can be sooooo tedious. Having a set of adorably novelty stitch markers can make counting stitches fun AND easy!

P.S. Make sure to buy a few sets if you can. Crafters tend to lose these rather quickly! This also means they’re always a welcome gift, even if a knitter has a set already.

Get it here!

Knitting Bag
BeKnitting Store

3. Knitting Bags

Price: about $17.99

Both crocheters and knitters love to bring multiple on-going projects for long trips or even just an afternoon at the park.

Grabbing a knitting bag/ project bag will be a godsend to many of their yarning dilemmas! Even better if it has a ton of pockets and storage space.

Get it here!

Blocking Pins and Combs
BeKnitting Store

4. Blocking Pins and Combs

Price: $17.99

If you have a friend who knits or crochets, chances are that they’re probably blocking multiple projects at the same time.

Blocking combs make it easy to pin sections of knitting all at once. Plus, they’re a nice treat for knitters who are used to using individual blocking pins!

Get it here!

Knitting Pattern Keeper
Knit Pocks Store

5. Knitting Pattern Keeper

Price: $19.99

Knitting pattern keepers are great accessories that help store and hold up knitting patterns so the crafter can easily follow the instructions without needing to let go of their work.

All they have to do is glance up to see which stiches are coming next and get back to their pattern! This is a great gift for a knitter starting to dabble in colorwork, cables, or lace knitting.

Get it here!

Eucalan Delicate Wash

6. Eucalan Delicate Wash

Price: from $7 to $18

Certain yarn fibers, especially animal fibers, need gentler soaps for blocking and washing. Eucalan has a line of fiber-friendly detergents that not only clean knitwear, but also preserve the integrity of the fibers.

This ensures that your knitwear looks good as knew for many years to come!

P.S. this is a rinse-free formula which means you just need to soak and pin, that’s it!

Get it here!

Soak Wash

7. Soak Wash

Price: $12 – $18

Soak Wash is a fun yarn detergent company that creates washes specifically designed for sensitive fibers.

Their gentle soaps are perfect for knitted fibers that need to be soaked for blocking and/or cleaning! These washes are available in a range of scents and even travel packs, perfect for any knitter!

Get it here!


Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case
BeKnitting Store

1. Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case

Price: $24.99

Many knitters often start off with only one or two pairs of knitting needles before suddenly BAM! They have 30 pairs scattered all over their homes!

An interchangeable knitting needle case might help corral the chaos. This case is designed for interchangeable knitting needles, make sure to grab a case that fits the kind of knitting needle they use the most!

Get it here!

Yarn Bowl
The Little World Store

2. Yarn Bowl

Price: $19.99

Ever heard a knitter and crochet vent about how often they have to chase yarn balls across their homes?

A sturdy yarn bowl easily eliminates that issue! Yarn bowls can be made using different materials. Some are wooden, some are acrylic, and some are ceramic.

Your best bet is to get sturdier bowls like wooden and acrylic! Your friend will be able to use these yarn bowls for a much longer time.

Get it here!

Neck Light
Glocusent Store

3. Neck Light

Price: $29.99

Knitting in the dark can strain your eyes. But low light levels is not going to stop a determined knitter!

Help a friend or loved one avoid squinting and making mistakes by getting them a neck light!

Get it here!


Yarn Winder

1. Yarn Winder

Price: $21.88

One thing knitters and crocheters have to do often is wind yarn. Sure, they can wind yarn by hand but that’s totally tedious and takes way too much time!

Yarn winders are a great gift for any yarn crafter. These winders can turn a twisted yarn skein into a tidy yarn cake that’s easy to knit from. For best results, snag a yarn swift too!

Get it here!

Yarn Swift
cuteDIY Store

2. Yarn Swift

Price: $21.99

Yarn swifts are umbrella-like tools used for winding yarn.

This handy tool holds a yarn skein in place while a ball winder (see above!) winds the yarn into a compact yarn cake.

Get it here!


Blocking Mats with Pins Set
KnitIQ Store

1. Blocking Mats with Pins Set

Price: $63.24

Knit and crochet projects always need a good blocking at the end! However, blocking can take up a lot of room as the project dries.

Getting a set of blocking mats makes it easier to get perfectly straight edges and a clean, crisp finish for any project. This is a tool that a lot of new knitters skip which makes this a perfect pampering gift for any newbie.

Get it here!

Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set
Knit Picks Store

2. Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

Price: $69.99

Interchangeable knitting needle sets are our absolute favorite gifts for a knitter of any skill level. You get a huge range of needle sizes and lengths in one set. This is the first and last set of needles a knitter ever really needs!

These sets come in a range of materials (wood, acrylic, metal), colors, and brands making it easy to get a set that suits every knitter, even particularly picky ones.

Get it here!


Addi Express Knitting Machine

1. Addi Express Knitting Machine

Price: $180

“Two hundred dollars? What the…”

We know there’s a little bit of stick shock with this one. There are other knitting machine brands but the Addi Express Knitting Machine is one of the best brands in the market. It’s sturdy, easy to use, and knits up projects in a flash!

If you know someone who wants to whip up a whole stack of beanies, scarves, or even blankets, this little machine is the fastest way to whip up a whole slew of knits.

Get it here!


Beginner Knitting Kit
BeKnitting Store

1. Beginner Knitting Kit

Price: $19.99

A beginner knitting kit is a great gift for people who want to try out knitting for the first but aren’t sure where to start.

This kit teaches everything a new knitter needs to know including getting the yarn onto the needles, some basic stitches, and a few beginner-friendly patterns that you can stitch up in just a few hours!

Get it here!

Loom Knitting Kit
BeKnitting Store

2. Knitting Loom Kit

Price: $16.99

There’s more than one way to knit. Introduce a friend or loved one to a new fun way of knitting awesome stuff by getting them a Loom Knitting Kit!

This kit has everything they will ever need to create three fun, beginner-friendly projects too!

Get it here!

Things to Consider Before Buying Gifts for Knitters:

“But how do I pick out the right gift from this list?”

It’s understandably tricky to pick out the right items from the lengthy list we gave above. But don’t worry, I’m giving you a few handy tips to help you pick out the best gifts for knitters!

Tip #1: Think about their current experience level

How long has your friend been knitting?

If your friend has been knitting for around 3 – 6 months, one can classify them as an “experienced beginner” or even an “intermediate knitter”. Some of the best gifts here would be the interchangeable knitting needles, yarn winder, yarn swift, and the knitting pattern keeper!

If they’ve recently picked up the hobby, something like a yarn bowl and a few fun stitch markers will do. Then again, yarn bowls and stitch markers are easily some of the best gifts for knitters of all skill levels!

Tip #2: What are their current interest related to knitting?

What are your friend’s usual projects? Do they make quick and easy projects like beanies and fingerless gloves? Maybe they make larger items like cardigans and blankets!

If they are still getting the hang of knitting and like simple patterns, then perhaps the Beginner Knitting Kit will fit them best. It has free tutorials on creating the basic stitches and a few free patterns that they can practice the basics on.

More experienced knitters might have a few big projects on the side. So, something like blocking mats or blocking combs will be major life savers!

Tip #3: Listen to their venting!

Another way to pick the right gifts is to listen to what knitting-related issues they’re venting about!

Does your friend hate losing count of stitches? Get them some stitch markers!

Maybe their wonky edges or uneven stitches are bugging them. Target that pain point and get them some blocking mats and pins!

Tip #4: Ask about their knitting wish list

If none of the tips above is helping you find the best gifts for knitters in your life, then it’s time to ask! I know, it sort of ruins the surprise. But at least you’re sure that you’re getting them something they’ll definitely like!

I hope this list makes it easy to find the perfect gifts for knitters on your list! I love surprising a craft buddy with the perfect little treat they would never have thought to buy themselves!

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