Introducing the E-Wrap Loom Knitting Stitch

Previously, we touched briefly about the basics of loom knitting stitches. We tackled how to create the E-Wrap Cast On and for this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the steps in creating the E-Wrap Knit Stitch for knitting looms!

A woman holding the rim of a loom knit beanie.
Let’s learn how to pretty pieces with a loom!

Creating the knit stitch in the loom is quite different from traditional knitting. Instead of using a pair of knitting needles to knit your stitches, you use a loom hook.

The resulting stitches come out looking quite identical to the “normal” flat knits. But how the loom stitches are created is not at all close to how you would make them using needles!

E-Wrap Knit vs. “Regular” Knit Stitch

Before we get started, let’s talk about how the “E-Wrap” version of the knit stitch is different than a regular knit stitch on the loom! The e-wrap knit stitch wraps the yarn around each peg in a shape like the letter “e”. This tehcnique creates a looser and larger stitch, that makes it easier for beginners to hook and a much stretchier fabric than the “regular” knit stitch.

On the other hand, the regular knit stitch is made by bringing the yarn across each peg and lifting the bottom loop over that straight length of yarn. This technique produces a tighter and denser stitch, resulting in a firmer and more structured fabric.

While the e-wrap stitch is often preferred for projects that require elasticity, such as hats or socks, the regular knit stitch is commonly used for creating scarves, blankets, or other items where a tighter weave is desired. The choice between these two stitches depends on the specific project requirements and the desired outcome in terms of texture and drape.

Excited to learn more? Let’s get started!

The E-Wrap Knit Stitch Tutorial

The first step to any project is casting on! Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the E-Wrap Cast On for loom knitting, it’s time to introduce another basic stitch called: The E-Wrap Knit Stitch. This stitch makes fabric on the loom using flat, smooth “v” shapes.

It’s very different from your usual knit, so get cozy and grab your loom kit to follow along as I show you the steps! Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through each step here too!

Step 1: Starting the Knit Stitch

Loop the yarn around the tops of the pegs in a second row, wrapping counterclockwise. This is the same way as the E-Wrap Cast On!

Pro tip: You can either wrap each peg as you come to it or wrap a bunch of them at once. Either way, don’t let go of your yarn or it will spring off the pegs and unravel before you can make stitches.

Creating a loom knitting e-wrap knit sttich: insert the hook under the bottom loop.
Creating a loom knitting e-wrap knit sttich: lift the bottom loop over the top loop on a peg.
Creating a loom knitting e-wrap knit sttich: lift the bottom loop up over the top of the peg.
Creating a loom knitting e-wrap knit sttich: Drop the loop off your hook and to the back/inside of the loom.

Step 2: Creating the Knit Stitch

Next, use the loom hook to lift the bottom loop from the first row up and over the
second loop. To lift the stitch, insert the hook up under the bottom loop, pulling the loop up and over the top yarn strand and up over the top of the peg. Drop it off the hook toward the inside of the loom.

Repeat Steps 1-2:

Continue to wrap the pegs all the way around the loom. Remember, the anchor peg on the outside edge of the loom marks the beginning/end of your round!

E-Wrap Knit stitch fabric for loom knitting
Loom knitting made using the e-wrap knit stitch

Pro Tip: Your loom hook might split the stitches while you knit. To avoid this, align the tip of your hook into the groove in the stem of each peg. Then carefully slide up your hook to grab the loop. Then you can slip it off to create your stitch!

The finished stitches should look like the basic knit. If it looks a bit wonky and uneven, that’s fine! That’s very normal for most of us who are trying out a new craft.

My first few spins on the loom — pun intended — did not come out looking the best and there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Thoughts On the E-Wrap Knit Stitch

If you’re thinking, “Well, that was….different…”, I don’t blame you. That was my frame of thought when I first started learning about the different loom knitting stitches. It’s just so different from the traditional form of knitting that it gave me a short moment of cognitive dissonance!

Alright, that was a bit dramatic. But you know what I mean.

However, loom knitting is quite an interesting craft. When I first looked into this method of knitting, I found that you could make blankets, scarves, and even sweaters with a single loom. That’s so cool!

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