Exploring 10 Different Free Knit Cable Patterns!

Many knitters often avoid cables simply because they look too intimidating. Some of us put off trying cables ’till we become “pros”. But I’ll let you in on a secret: you don’t really know when you’re ready to tackle a knit cable pattern until you actually try!

Cable knit patterns!

Today, I’m bringing you a list of knit cable patterns that range from the most beginner-friendly to the most enthralling intermediate/advanced skill level! Ready to step out of your knitting comfort zone? Let’s get started!

What You Need for Your First Knit Cable Pattern!

Knitted cables can be tricky to manage with just two needles. So let’s take a look at some special tools that you might need for your future projects:

  • Knitting needlesKnitting needles are a must-have for these gorgeous knitting patterns. You can find the right needle gauge in the beginning of each pattern or on your yarn’s label!

    Pro tip: Wood knitting needles are “grabbier” than slick metal knitting needles. Try reaching for wood or bamboo needles that will help the stitches stay on your needles and will keep the accidental slipped stitches to a minimum.
  • Cable needles Cable needles hold stitches and help you rearrange them on the needles to create the cables we all know and love! You can also opt for large knitting safety pins. These are AMAZING for holding stitches in place when you’re taking a break or working on one side of your cable patterns!
  • Yarn – Make sure to check the pattern to see what yarn weight to use. You can typically find all of the details on your yarn band or in the “suggested yarn” section of the free cable knitting patterns you’re following!
  • Scissors – A pair of scissors is another important tool that you will use for all of your knitting projects. You’ll need them to cut the yarn when you’re done!
  • Stitch markers – You might need stitch markers to keep track of where you are if you’re following a tricky stitch pattern. Stitch markers will be your best friends when it comes to keeping tract of your stitch count. Opt for stitch markers that close. This makes sure they stay where they’re anchored for the duration of your stitch repeats! You can also use yarn strands to mark stitches, but I don’t recommend those as you can easily pull out the strand as you work along.
  • Yarn/darning needle – You will need a yarn needle or darning needle to sew in the loose ends. Pro tip: Have a few bent tip tapestry needles on hand. These are fantastic for weaving yarn ends through thick cable stitches!
  • Chart keeper! Chart keepers store patterns and also have magnets that help you keep track of which row you’re on. Knit cable patterns can get complicated quickly so it’s a great idea to have as many tools to keep it as simple as possible.
  • Free knit cable patterns – Make sure to pick out your favorite cable knitting patterns on the list!

Exploring 10 Different Free Knit Cable Patterns!

Get ready to achieve a new knitting milestone! Check out these ever-so-lovely knit cable patterns:

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© Lara Simonson

1. Cable Baby Bonnet

By: Lara Simonson

YARN: Aran

SIZE: NB, 3 mths, 6 mths, 12 mths

Aww! Just look at this adorable baby bonnet!

Baby hats are great starting points for cable knit hat patterns because of their small sizing.

Smaller knit cable patterns are faster to finish up and much less taxing compared to adult-sized projects!

Get the pattern >

Cable Rib Hat
© Premier Yarns Design Team

2. Cable Rib Hat

By: Premier Yarns Design Team

YARN: Bulky

SIZE: Adult

Choosing cable knit hat patterns as your first cable project is a fantastic way to get used to the twisting and winding nature of cables.

The Cable Rib Hat is a great intro to cabled wearables. Not only will you learn all the important tidbits need to knit cables, but you will also have a gorgeous hat to show off at the end of the day!

Get the pattern >

Cable Traveller Hat
© Yarnspirations

3. Cable Traveller Hat

By: Patons

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: Adult- Women

You might think that cable knit hat patterns all look alike. But that can’t be further from the truth! There are dozens of unique cabled beanie patterns that are completely beginner-friendly.

For instance, this textured Cable Traveller Hat pattern has a unique knit cable pattern that is easy for newbies to follow along with. You still learn the ins and outs of knitting cables, but with fewer twists!

See the pattern >

Cable Cowl
© 2010 Kristina Larson

4. Cable Cowl

By: Kristina Larson

YARN: Bulky

SIZE: Short cowl = 25″ to 35″, Long cowl = 56″

Bigger and looser cables are the easier to work with, in my opinion. These types of cable knit scarf patterns require less tension and are much more manageable for beginner hands.

The Cable Cowl pattern is a stylish piece that goes well with many different outfits. It’s a totally charming cowl that will be easy to add to your collection!

Get the pattern >

Cable Cloud Cowl
© Purl Soho

5. Cable Cloud Cowl

By: Purl Soho

YARN: Aran

SIZE: 30″ circumference x 12.5″ tall

Snuggly and soft, the Cable Cloud Cowl pattern is another project that is definitely worth adding into your “to knit” list.

Using Merino wool was definitely a right call because it is super soft and has a good amount of drape. The knit cables running across the fabric crisscross to create lovely diamond patterns. Just the right amount of texture for your OOTDs!

Get the pattern >

Cable Braid Scarf
© Ashlee Prisbrey

6. Cable Braid Scarf

By: Ashlee Prisbrey

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: Customizable

Time to level up with stunning all-over cables! Rippling stitch patterns like this Cable Braid Scarf look amazing in both solid and multi-colored schemes.

The multiple cables in this particular pattern will be perfect for testing out your mastery with the technique!

You will have to pay more attention to each stitch you make. But hey, you’ll get an awesomely cozy scarf at the end of the day — or whenever you finally finish the project!

Get the pattern >

Cable Raglan Jumper
©  Let’s Knit!

7. Cable Raglan Jumper

By: Sian Brown Knitwear Design


SIZE: Adult – Women

Now it’s time to increase the difficulty! Cable knit sweater patterns can be beginner-friendly. But they sure do test one’s patience and attention to detail!

With cable knit sweaters, you will have to pay close attention to where the cable section starts and ends.

Going for sweater pattern that has a more “basic” cable pattern like this Cable Raglan Jumper is a great project to start with. So make sure to give it a solid try once you feel more confident in your cable knitting ability!

Get the pattern >

Cable Sampler Scarf
© Bev Galeskas

8. Cable Sampler Scarf

By: Bev Galeskas


SIZE: 8″ x 60″

If you want to get better at knitting cables, you must make time to try out all sorts of cable patterns.

The Cable Sampler Scarf is an awesome project that introduces you to different different types of cables. Each section features a different cable stitch pattern which means you get to try your hand at a bunch of them in the same project! It can be less overwhelming since you only have to work on small sections instead of larger individual projects.

Get the pattern >

Cable Sweater
© Bernat Design Studio

9. Cable Sweater

By: Bernat Design Studio

YARN: Aran


Okay, this project is a giant leap forward. But you have to get out of your comfort zone someday!

The Cable Sweater is an absolutely stunning project! It is covered with intricately knit cables that dramatically twist over one another.

The skill level for this cable knit sweater pattern is labelled as “intermediate”. So it’s best to keep this is as knitting project goal to work up to!

Get the pattern >

Cable Mix Turtleneck Vest
© Yarnspirations Design Studio

10. Cable Mix Turtleneck Vest

By: Yarnspirations Design Studio

YARN: Aran


First off, let’s take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this model looks in that sweater!

Now, for the pattern…

This is one of my favorite patterns on this list. The Cable Mix Turtleneck Vest shows you how simple cables and textured stitches can create an intricately unique look without being “too busy” for your eyes!

It’s still a more advanced pattern but just imagine pairing this sweater with plain jeans and a basic top… it’s too good to pass up!

Get the pattern >

Knit cable patterns for every knitter’s skill level!

It’s no secret that some knit cable patterns can be tough on beginners. Heck, they’re a handful for pros too! But that shouldn’t hold you back from creating your own cable knit projects…

Starting with a smaller and simpler knit cable pattern can prevent you from feeling too overwhelmed. The last thing we want is for a cabled project to join your growing pile of unfinished WIPs!

If I could go back in time when I first learned to knit cables, I’d knock that staghorn pattern out of my hands and opt for this cozy Cable Cloud Cowl pattern instead!

Looking for more lovely patterns for the Spring? Check these out:

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