FREE Knitting Sweater Patterns for Maximum Coziness: 2024 Edition!

What better than sweater knitting patterns? FREE sweater knitting patterns!

Spring might be right around the corner but we still have a few more months of chilly days and even colder nights to deal with. It’s time to round up the best most beautiful free sweater knitting patterns to beat even the chilliest forecasts!

Knitting sweater patterns!
Knitting sweater patterns to fight the chill!

Sweater knitting patterns vary in complexity and can be intimidating for some beginners. I’ve arrange these gorgeous indie patterns starting with easy-peasy plain knits before moving on to more complicated textures and cables.

Ready to start some fun sweater knitting patterns? Me too!

What You Need for Sweater Knitting Patterns

If you’re new to knitting sweaters I thought it would be helpful to make a list of all the basic tools and knick-knacks you might need to knit your very first sweater!

  • Knitting needles – Whether you’re knitting tiny baby sweaters or a full-sized adult project, you’ll need a really good pair of knitting needles. Circular knitting needles make knitting big projects like sweaters MUCH easier than traditional straight needles! Plus, you can easily change needle sizes, something a pattern might want you to do if you’re knitting ribbing that’s tighter than the rest of the body.
    Pro tip: Use wooden knitting needles like ones made of bamboo. These have more grip and will stop your yarn from slipping off as you work!
  • Yarn – Make sure to check the pattern to see what yarn weight to use. You can typically find all of the details on your yarn band or in the “suggested yarn” section of your sweater knitting patterns.
    Pro tip: Wool yarns (and blends!) tend to make warmer sweaters, acrylic yarns make medium-cozy projects, and cotton yarns make lighter, breathable knits!
  • Scissors – A pair of scissors is another important tool that you will use for all of your projects. You’ll need a pair to trim the yarn tails when you’re done!
  • Buttons and Snaps – Some sweater knitting patterns call for snaps and buttons to finish it. Don’t forget to check your pattern’s list of materials before you get started!
  • Sweater knitting patterns – There are tons of free sweater knitting patterns on this list. You can download any of them and start casting on right away!

10 FREE Sweater Knitting Patterns

It’s still winter which means it’s super chilly inside and out. But don’t you worry, these sweater knitting patterns can keep your perfectly warm and cozy!

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Sweater Pulli Jersey
© Phildar Design Team

1. Sweater Pulli Jersey

By: Phildar Design Team

YARN: Super Bulky

SIZE: 34/36, 38/40, 42/44, 46/48, 50/52

Elegantly cozy, the Sweater Pulli Jersey is perfect for braving the chilly air outside or staying comfortable in your office’s overactive air-conditioning!

The simple stockinette stitch makes this a great entry-level project for beginners who are excited to explore bigger knitting projects!

Get the pattern >

Le Pouf Sweater
© Beata Jezek

2. Le Pouf Sweater

By: Beata Jezek

YARN: Fingering + Fingering= DK


The Le Pouf Sweater is a beautiful knitted sweater pattern that is perfect for knitting newbies!

Two strands of fingering weight yarn are held together which means you have the option to have fun with different colors fading throughout the sweater.

This pattern also has stretchy cuffs that perfectly hug your wrist for that cozy, puffy sleeve look that is so popular right now!

Get the pattern >

Sweater So Orange
© Helena Mertens

3. Sweater Soorange

By: Helena Mertens

YARN: Aran

SIZE: One size, Women’s

Few things bring me as much joy in life as suuuuper oversized sweaters do!

This oversized Sweater Soorange garter stitch pattern is a crew neck sweater that will take your cozy-ness level from 0 to 10000! It’s the perfect go-to top for anyone who loves a casual laid-back look.

See the pattern >

Sweater 990-181-001

4. Sweater 990-181-001




The most classic and streamlined way to tuck a sweater in is to use the “French Tuck”. Unfortunately, not all sweaters are made for that… but, this one is!

It’s loose, airy, and perfect for layering under jackets and coats. You can wear it completely loose over jeans or do a French tuck in the front with a pair of slacks for a sophisticated vibe!

Get the pattern >

Sweater with Stripes
©  Bernat Design Studio

5. Sweater with Stripes

By: Bernat Design Studio

YARN: Worsted


Stripes can change the whole mood of an outfit!

The Sweater with Stripes pattern is a playful piece you can wear to add cheerful color and fun to a plain outfit.

The best part: this pattern is knit in one piece which means you don’t have to mess with complicated seams. You only have to worry about hiding yarn tails after you knit this pattern.

That’s every knitter’s dream!

Get the pattern >

Sweater in Phildar Phil Cotton
© Phildar Design Team

6. Sweater in Phildar Phil Cotton

By: Phildar Design Team

YARN: Sport

SIZE: 34/36 to 50/52

Light and airy sweaters are the best tops to wear as the seasons change from Winter to Spring.

The Sweater in Phildar Phil Cotton is a lovely piece that you can wear alone or layered! A simple basket weave-like texture runs across the front of the sweater adding a touch of detail to the whole ensemble.

Get the pattern >

Bronze Summer Sweater
© DROPS design

7. Bronze Summer Sweater

By: DROPS design

YARN: Aran


It’s time to dabble in lace patterning! This knit sweater pattern is a simple raglan (aka: the sleeves are knit at with the body, not seamed later) with an effortlessly elegant lace panel running down each sleeve.

Raglans tend to be easier for new knitters to knit which means you’ll have more bandwidth for tackling the lace sections!

Get the pattern >

Deep Woods Sweater
© DROPS design

8. Deep Woods Sweater

By: DROPS design

YARN: Sport + Lace = Aran


Another gorgeous piece that incorporates raglan construction but with cables is the Deep Woods Sweater.

The cables are still beginner-friendly, but might pose a bit of a challenge for inexperienced knitters. Try practicing the cable pattern before casting on for the sweater is a great idea to make sure you’ve got all the techniques you need.

This sweater is a stunning new addition to your wardrobe and is well worth all the effort!

Get the pattern >

Fall Sweater
© Kelbourne Woolens

9. Fall Sweater

By: Courtney Kelley

YARN: Sport

SIZE: 35.75 (38.5, 43.5, 48.75, 53.75, 59)” [91 (98, 110.5, 124, 136.5, 150) cm] finished bust

This sweater is definitely a challenging one! You may not be dealing with twisting cables, like the previous knitting sweater patterns, but you do have color changes to worry about!

The Fall Sweater has all-over triangles for a super cool and classic retro look. This knit sweater pattern definitely looks groovy with a 70’s color scheme!

You’ll never be using more than two colors in a row which keeps this pattern squarely on the side of ‘beginner-friendly’ if you want to give it a go.
Get the pattern >

Sweater in Wool Dégradé
© Rico Design

10. Sweater in Wool Dégradé

By: Rico Design

YARN: Sport


We’ve saved the biggest show-stopper for last! The Sweater in Wool Dégradé is one of those breathtaking sweater knitting patterns that stops you in your tracks.

I do have to give you a head’s up, though: this sweater is quite complicated and will definitely test your patience! I love to add an ‘aspirational’ pattern in to every list, it gives every knitter something to work towards. This pattern is a great pattern to pin for later and start practicing your lace pattern reading skills for now!

Get the pattern >

Knitting Sweater Patterns to Fight the Cold!

We’re heading into springtime, but it’s still a bit chilly outdoors. So why not knit up a sweater or two to keep you cozy as we wait for spring flowers to bloom?

This beautiful round up features some of the most elegant and timeless sweater knitting patterns that you can wear all year round! My top favorites from this list are the Le Pouf Sweater and the Fall Sweater.

Two very different styles, I know. But they look so fun! They’re definitely worth adding to my growing sweater collection!

Looking for more cozy knitting patterns? Check out these warmer knits to wear from winter to spring!

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