12 Free Easy Beanie Knitting Patterns

A chunky beanie not only keeps you warm and cozy, but it’s also a great addition to a basic outfit or as a heartfelt gift to a loved one.

There is no such thing as “too many beanies”. With so many ways to style an outfit around a beanie, we can almost consider it as a staple in many OOTD’s!

Beanie knitting patterns - A gallery of knit beanie patterns showing off the different ways on how to knit a beanie.
A selection of 12 FREE quick and easy knit beanie patterns by indie designers!

Another upside to beanies is that ANYONE can use them—and we do mean anyone. Adults, children —and even pets— can perfectly rock a beanie no matter the season.

Luckily, chunky knit beanies are quite easy to make. Today, we’re sharing 12 free beanie knitting patterns that you can try out. Let’s get started!

How to Knit a Beanie

Can’t find the perfect beanie in stores and online? Why not make one instead?

Don’t worry, knit beanies come in various skill levels and we’re keeping them as beginner-friendly as possible.

The size of your beanie will depend on your measurements, the yarn materials, needle sizes, and your stitch gauge.

Excited to start knitting? Keep on reading!

What You Need to Knit a Chunky Beanie

Now that you’ve gotten the gist on how you’re going to knit your chunky beanie, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Here are the materials that you need for your projects:

  • Knitting needles – Knitting needles come in different sizes. So make sure to check the recommended needle size on your yarn’s label.
  • Yarn – You can use any material for your beanie. But if you’re a beginner or creating a beanie for warm days, we suggest using soft acrylic yarns. Make sure to check the labels for the care instructions.
  • Scissors – A pair of scissors is another important tool that you will use for all of your knitting projects. You’ll need them to cut yarn tails and hide loose ends.
  • Stitch markers – You’ll need stitch markers to keep track of what round you’re on. If you don’t have stitch markers, you can use a strand of scrap yarn—preferably in a different color so it’s easy to see.
  • Yarn/darning needle – You will need a yarn needle or darning needle to sew in the loose ends.
  • Knit beanie pattern – Finally, you’ll need a knit beanie pattern to follow. So keep scrolling!


Did you know that knitting can make a difference in someone else’s life?

Yes, there are charity programs that accept beanies and other knitwear for the homeless community and for premature babies.

If you have some spare time and materials, and you want to extend a pair of helping hands, we encourage you to create some beanies and donate them to the less fortunate!

For premature babies, we suggest that you collaborate with specialists on what yarn materials to use for the beanies.

Round Up of Easy Beanie Knitting Patterns

We’ve compiled 12 of our favorite basic knit beanie patterns in an easy-to-follow list below.

We’ve carefully curated this list to showcase some of our favorite designs, and we take no credit for the patterns themselves. Make sure to check out each of the pattern descriptions to see who the original designers are – they truly are amazing! We hope you have a blast trying out these patterns and creating beautiful, cozy hats for your little ones or as gifts for family and friends. 

Disclaimer: This article contains links to external unaffiliated websites.

So without further ado, let’s get crafting!

This photo shows a woman holding a beanie flat to show off this easy knit beanie pattern.
Photo credits: Stephanie Jessica Lau

1. Bulky Dotty Beanie

By:  All About Ami

YARN: Bulky

SIZE: Adult, child, and baby sizing available.

Easy ribbing and dots can quickly make any plain beanie look fun and exciting.

With this bulky dotty knit beanie pattern, you can make as many cute beanies as you want—in any color you want!

It looks complicated, but the designer made sure to include great instructions to make this beginner-friendly.

Get the pattern >

This is a photo showing how the fluffy knit beanie patterns looks like when worn.
Photo credits: Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

2. Basic Beanie Cuffed Version

By: Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

YARN: Super Bulky (Sirdar Alpine)

SIZE: 18 (20, 22 cm)” / 46 (51, 56 cm)” circumference. Adult, child, and baby sizing included.

Want to look stylish yet cozy at the same time? This basic knit beanie pattern is the epitome of both!

What’s even better is that it’s very easy to make and is available in many sizes. It’s also especially cozy and soft in the recommended yarn.

Try it out!

Get the pattern >

A man holding chunky, knit beanie with a fluffy pompom on top.
Photo Credit: Ola Ogunlolu

3. The Ade Beanie

By: Ola Ogunlolu

YARN: Super Bulky (Suggested: Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool, Baby Bee Sugar Pom Pom, and Premier Yarns Serenity Chunky Heathers & Solids)

SIZE: Approximately 20” circumference (stretches to 25″).

Cute, chunky, and with a fluffy pompom on top? Say no more!

This adorable beanie is the prefect way to add a playful pop of texture in any outfit. Don’t know how to make your own pompom? Here’s a quick tutorial!

See the pattern >

A photo of a chunky knit beanie that has a pink pompom on top. The Top of the beanie is a dark color that fades into a light shade.
Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

4. Fading Shades Knit Hat

By: Yarnspirations Design Studio

YARN: Bulky Yarn (Suggested: Caron Colorama O’Go)

SIZE: Approximately 20” circumference (stretches to 25″).

Make a statement with this beautiful, yet simple Fading Shades Knit Hat!

The way the colors change gives this piece an interesting twist. Plus, the pompom on top just adds an extra dose of cuteness.

It may look intricate, but we promise you that it’s very much beginner-friendly! 

P.S. While there are instructions on how to DIY the pompom, it can get complicated for some. So here’s a knitting kit with 4 sets of pompom makers for you!

Get the pattern >

A smiling woman holding a chunky knit beanie with a pompom on top.
Photo Credit: Sheep & Stitch

5. The Big Hat

By: Davina Choy 

YARN: Super Bulky (Suggested: Cascade Yarns, Magnum Malabrigo Yarn Rasta)

SIZE: Approximately 20” circumference (stretches to 25″).

Not sure what to wear to keep your head warm on a chilly night out?

Wear a beanie!

This is another variation of a fun, playful chunky knit beanie pattern that you will surely love.

Get the pattern >

A set of beanies laid flat to show off the versatility of this easy knit beanie pattern.
Photo Credit: Purl Soho

6. Super Soft Merino Hats for Everyone

By: Purl Soho

YARN: Bulky Merino Wool (Suggested: Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino)

SIZE: 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″ circumference. (Baby, child, adult sizing).

Another easy knit beanie pattern is this Super Soft Merino Hats for Everyone by Purl Soho!

It’s a simple, yet cute pattern that you can make for the whole family.

You don’t need any fancy yarn materials to complete this knit beanie pattern, even acrylic yarns will do!

Get the pattern >

This is a photo of a knitted beanie with smooth stitches and a faux fur pompom on top.
Photo Credit: Ashleigh Keiser

7. Super Bulky Hats

By: Ashleigh Keiser

YARN: Super Bulky

SIZE: 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″ circumference. (Baby, child, adult sizing).

Just when you think that we’ve run out of ways to create a chunky knit beanie, we present this elegant, seamless knit beanie!

It’s beginner-friendly and makes a polished looking finished hat, perfect for gift-giving.

Get the pattern >

A photo of a smiling man wearing a beanie and scarf set.
Photo Credit: Caron Design Team

8. Men’s Basic Hat

By: Caron Design Team

YARN: Aran

SIZE: One size – Men’s.

This fantastic, basic beanie comes in a larger size for the men in your knitting queue. This sleek and seamless beanie set is perfect for someone who likes a classic look without the added fuss.

Get the pattern >

A photo of a hand holding a knit beanie with a faux fur pompom on top.
Photo Credit: Claire Borchardt

9. Trail 4 Hat

By: Claire Borchardt

YARN: DK and Lace

SIZE: Sizes range from 16″ to 22″

Soft, muted, and easy to knit, this Trail 4 Hat beanie by Claire Borchardt is a great project to work on if you’re having a slow afternoon at home.

To achieve the look, the author recommends working with three strands of yarn and is a great way to use up some of the yarn in your stash!

Get the pattern >

A basket of beanies in different colors to show off the look of the easy knit beanie pattern.
Photo Credit: Kirsten Hipsky

10. Last Minute Hat

By: Kirsten Hipsky

YARN: 2 Bulky yarns held together

SIZES: 18″ to 20″ circumference

This quick and easy knit beanie pattern is the best friend of every busy knitter out there!

The stitches are simple, big, and elastic so they fit a range of head sizes.

This is the perfect project for those who want a personalized beanie but don’t have a lot of free time!

Get the pattern >

A child wearing the Beloved Aran knitted beanie to show off the unique stitches in this knit beanie pattern.
Photo Credit: Solenn Couix-Loarer

11. Beloved Aran

By: Solenn Couix-Loarer

YARN: Aran (Suggested: De Rerum Natura Cyrano)

SIZES: 14.5″ to 20.5″ (Baby to adult sizing)

If you want a project that only involves using easy, yet unique knitted stitches, the this Beloved Aran knitted beanie is the one you want!

Just look at that perfect mix of knits and purls.

Quite the perfect twist on how to knit a beanie. This knit beanie pattern easily makes anyone look like an pro knitter!

Get the pattern >

A photo of knitted beanies laid flat to show off how the easy knit beanie pattern.
Photo Credit: Taralah Williams

12. Bright Fade Beanie

By: Taralah Williams

YARN: Aran

SIZES: Approximately 20″ (One size- Adult)

If you want more practice with the basic knitting stiches, then this easy knit Bright Fade Beanie patterns is the one you want.

It shows you how big of a difference color combinations make in any easy knit beanie pattern!

Get the pattern >

Free Beanie Knitting Patterns in Review

That was a lot of beanies!

Well, we can’t blame you if you are feeling a tad bit overwhelmed by the selection of easy knit beanie patterns we just gave. Our best advice is simply to choose the pattern that catches your eye the most!

Remember, the photos of the beanies only serve as an inspiration and a means of showing the finished products. You don’t actually have to follow the patterns word-for-word.

Feel free to freestyle or mix-and-match the colors you want for your chosen knit beanie pattern!

Want to try other knitting patterns? Take a peek at our 12 Free Mitten Patterns for Beginners article.

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