12 Free Mitten Patterns For Beginners!

Choosing the right knit mitten pattern can be quite the fun adventure! Mittens are the ultimate cozy-meets-practical winter accessory. Is it even possible to have too many? They also make a great small project for beginners who want to learn new skills like shaping, cables, colorwork, and so on! 

Handmade mittens are also the perfect gift. Knit a few extra pairs of each and poof! You have a meaningful gift ready to go when a special occasion rolls by.

Luckily, there are many-a-great mittens knitting pattern free to download and enjoy! We’ve rounded up our favorite knit mitten patterns for you to peruse in a variety of yarns and styles.

mittens knitting pattern - onni mittens
mittens knitting pattern - briar mittens
mittens knitting pattern - textured family mittens
mittens knitting pattern - seed stitch mittens + hand warmers
mittens knitting pattern - world's simplest mittens
mittens knitting pattern - arched gusset mittens
mittens knitting pattern - CRÈME knit mittens
mittens knitting pattern - warmest mittens
mittens knitting pattern - easy garter stitch baby mittens
mittens knitting pattern - big merino mitts
mittens knitting pattern - padded mittens
mittens knitting pattern - bernie's mitts

How Do You Knit Mittens?

A typical mitten pattern calls for knitters to knit in the round. If you’re not comfortable using DPNs (double pointed needles) just yet, you can opt for long circular needles and use the magic loop technique. We’ve also included a few mittens that are knit flat and seamed together for good measure too!

Pro Tip: When knitting mittens, it’s generally a good idea to have a spare DPN, stitch holder, or some scrap yarn nearby in case a pattern calls for you to put stitches “on hold”. This is a fairly common case in mitten knitting patterns when it comes time to knit the thumb!

For beginners, a new term you might come across is the word “gusset”. This is a triangle-shaped area usually found on the area of a knit mitten that curves along the heel of your hand. The added shaping area makes mittens fit better and gives your thumb more room to maneuver! While trying unusual techniques can be a little intimidating, the shaping is done using simple knit increases that are easy to learn!

Choosing the Right Mitten Pattern Size.

To know what size mittens to make for yourself or a loved one, measure around the palm of the hand while the fingers are relaxed and slightly spread. This will give you the desired finished circumference for your mittens.

What Material is Best for Knitting Mittens?

The short answer is, it depends. You can use any type of yarn to knit mittens! Wool or wool blends are the way to go for maximum warmth and coziness. But, if you’re allergic to animal fibers, we recommend trying acrylic yarn and blends instead. Acrylic yarn is especially good for beginners because it can be a more affordable option to practice with and it’s machine washable!

You also want to take note of wash instructions for different materials. Mittens are clothing items that see a lot of use and get washed quite frequently. Wool needs to be hand washed to avoid shrinking and felting, so that’s another thing you might need to consider when knitting and washing wool mittens.

If you’re still in doubt, you can always check what type of yarn and in what weight the designer recommends for their pattern!

Free and Easy Mitten Knitting Pattern Round Up

Ready to get started? Choose a mittens knitting pattern free to view or download! These 12 fun and easy mitten knitting patterns are beginner-friendly and knitters of all levels are welcome to give any of these projects a go.

All credit belongs to the incredibly talented designers who we mention in each of the patterns’ descriptions.

Happy knitting!

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World’s Simplest Mittens - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Tin Can Knits

1. World’s Simplest Mittens

By:  Tin Can Knits

YARN: Any worsted weight yarn


  • Toddler (child, adult S, M, L)
  • Mitten length: 7.25 (8.5, 10.5, 12, 13)”
  • Cuff length: 2.5 (2.5, 3, 4, 4)”

Need a super simple, classic pair of mittens? Here’s a beginner-friendly mittens knitting pattern free to start with. This fast and functional knit is also a perfect blank canvas for experimenting! Knit them in the round from the bottom up, no seaming required.

See the pattern >

Arched Gusset Mittens - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Purl Soho

2. Arched Gusset Mittens

By: Laura Ferguson for Purl Soho

YARN: Any worsted weight yarn


  • Sizes: Kid (Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult X-Large)
  • Finished Circumference at Palm: 5¾” (6½,7¼, 8, 8¾)”
  • Finished Length from Cuff to Tip: 8½” (9¾, 10¼, 11½, 12¼)”

Here’s a mitten that’s knit in the round from the cuffs-up. It has a nice classic shape and the arched gusset adds a subtle elegance. These gloves would make a lovely handmade gift idea.

The instructions for the left and right mittens are separated and easy to follow, and the pattern itself calls for beginner-friendly techniques!

See the pattern >

Creme - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Emilie Luis

3. Crème Knit Mitten Pattern

By: Emilie Luis

YARN: Lace and sport weight yarn held together

SIZES: Depends on gauge

Fingerless mitts offer a wonderful balance between warmth and dexterity. The creme mitts extend past the wrists with a ribbed cuff. These mittens definitely show evidence of french influence – with the elegant ribbed cuffs that extend past the wrist. The designer calls this a “perfect project to use up your sweetest and warmest leftovers” and it’s written in two gauges.

They’re a lovely sophisticated pair to complete a fall or winter outfit! Or maybe even accompany you to après-ski?

See the pattern >

Warmest Mittens - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Kris Percival

4. Warmest Mittens

By: Kris Percival

YARN: Aran weight yarn

SIZES: Average mitten size

Keep your hands toasty on even the coldest days with these mittens. They’ll be some of the cutest and coziest pairs of mittens you’ll ever make! Feel free to mix and match colors for a fun time. To create a larger mitten, move up a size or two with your needles.

See the pattern >

Easy Garter Stitch Baby Mittens - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Marianna Mel

5. Easy Garter Stitch Baby Mittens

By: Marianna Mel

YARN: DK weight yarn

SIZES: Baby Sized

Looking for a lovely gift for a newborn? Mittens are a must-have in a baby’s wardrobe! For this pattern, it’s all in the name. They’re knit flat in garter stitch, have a little shaping at the top, and then seamed. Give it a try! 

See the pattern >

Big Merino Mitts - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Espace Tricot

6. Big Merino Mitts

By: Mona Schmidt by Espace Tricot

YARN: Aran weight yarn

SIZE: 8” circumference –length easily adjustable

These “simple and handsome” ribbed-cuff Big Merino Mitts are sure to become a staple in your cold-weather wardrobe.

We think this one is a particularly great mittens knitting pattern free to try for beginners who want a little bit more of a challenge. This pattern is knit in the round, in one piece, with the thumbs knit last.

See the pattern >

Padded mittens - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Frankie Brown

7. Padded Mittens

By: Frankie Brown

YARN: DK or Aran weight yarn

SIZES: 8″ (10″, 11″) total length

Keep your fingers extra warm and toasty with these padded mittens. It features an intuitive slipped stitch pattern which is what gives it the extra “padding” on the inside.

The designer goes the extra mile with detailed instructions, including tips for altering to get small, medium, and large mittens! It’s rare to find a mitten knitting pattern free to download that’s as enjoyable to follow as this one!

See the pattern >

Bernie's Mittens - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Emily O’Brien

8. Bernie’s Mittens

By: Emily O’Brien

YARN: Worsted weight yarn


  • Child (Adult Small, Adult Large)
  • 5-6” (6.5-7.5”, 8-9”) hand circumference

We all remember when Bernie Sanders’ mittens gripped the world. We think our round-up of mitten patterns wouldn’t be complete without a call out to what might be the most meme-able mittens!

These mittens are knit in the round with a lovely colorwork pattern and ribbed cuffs.

See the pattern >

Seed Stitch Mittens and Hand Warmers - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Purl Soho

9. Seed Stitch Mittens + Hand Warmers

By:  Purl Soho

YARN: Worsted weight yarn


  • Small (Medium/Large)
  • 7⅓” (8¼)” finished circumference

This 2-in-1 free mittens knitting pattern is a great way to add a pile of mittens to your wardrobe! Both the mittens and the hand warmers are knit in the round using a thick seed stitch. The refined texture plus the structure of these mittens – with the elongated cuffs – makes for a posh pair!

They’d make a lovely, cozy accessory for just about any excursion in the chilly air – walking your pet, meeting friends, or running a few quick errands!

See the pattern >

Onni Mittens - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Kati Maaria

10. The Onni Mittens

By: Kati Maaria

YARN: Bulky weight yarn

SIZE: 7-8” finished circumference

Fun fact! “Onni” is Finnish for happiness! These happy pair of mittens have a romantic cable pattern that makes us daydream about enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or coffee on a chilly day.

We’d say this pattern is more for intermediate or intermediate beginners, but don’t let that intimidate you. We love finding a mittens knitting pattern free and well-written, complete with a pattern chart for you to follow too! 

See the pattern > 

Briar - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Meghan Babin

11. Briar Knit Mitten Pattern

By: Meghan Babin

YARN: Fingering weight yarn


  • Hand circumference: 7 (7.5, 8.5) inches

Need a pair of mittens you can stuff into a backpack for a fall adventure? These gauntlet-like rustic Briar mitts were designed for that exact purpose! They feature a lovely ombre pattern that’s knit in the round, from the bottom up. Try this free knit mitten pattern out using your favorite color combinations!

See the pattern >

Textured Family Mittens - Mittens Knitting Pattern Free
Photo Credit: Yarnspirations

12. Textured Family Mittens

By: Yarnspirations Design Studio

YARN: Aran weight yarn

SIZES: 2/4 yrs, 8/10 yrs, Adult

Get the whole family ready for a snow day (complete with snowmen and a snowball fight) with these textured family mittens! They feel oh-so-soft and warm with a moss stitch pattern and fitted ribbing for cozy cuffs. These mittens are knit flat and call for some seaming at the end.

See the pattern >

Final Thoughts on Mitten Patterns

That’s our round-up of easy mitten knitting patterns free for knitters of all levels! What did you think? Let us know in the comments if you think a specific pattern should’ve made our list! 

If you need a little refresher on some knitting stitches or techniques like how to cast on, head on over to our library of knitting tutorials!

All done with those mittens? Try knitting a bag or a sweater next! 

Our FREE Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern Download

We have our very own free fingerless glove knitting pattern that you can download and cast on right away! These quick little gloves come together in a flash and use less than 50g of worsted-weight yarn. We love making these as gifts for new friends. They’re also a great way to use up leftover yarn ends from other projects too!

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