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Loom Knitting Tools for Beginners: the Loom Knitting Hook and Loom Knitting Pen

Learning how to use a knitting loom is easy! Learning how to use the extra loom knitting tools makes the whole process even easier. Today we’ll show you how to use a loom knitting pen, loom knitting hooks, and stitch markers.

How to Use a Loom Knitting Pen

You can totally use your fingers to loop the yarn around the pegs of a knitting loom but a loom knitting pen makes the process faster and easier. Speed knitting here we come!

But how do you actually USE a loom knitting pen? Let’s take a look at a knitting loom pen before we start to use it. The loom pen comes in two pieces: a hollow tube and a metal yarn hook. The metal hook is stored inside the tube and hooks firmly to the top opening of the tube.

How to use a loom knitting pen: remove the yarn hook from the pen.
How to use a loom knitting pen: the loom pen and yarn hook ready to use.

Before you start wrapping the yarn on the loom pegs you’ll need to thread the yarn through the loom pen.

Step 1:

Remove the metal yarn hook from the tube.

How to use a loom knitting pen: grabbing the yarn using the yarn hook.
How to use a loom knitting pen: inserting the yarn hook into the loom pen.

Step 2:

Hook the yarn with the metal yarn hook. Thread the yarn hook through the pen, entering through the large open end.

How to use a loom knitting pen: pulling the yarn through the loom pen.
How to use a loom knitting pen with yarn threaded and ready to use.

Step 3:

Use the yarn hook to pull the yarn all the way through the pen. The cut end of the yarn should be coming out of the small pen tip.

Wrapping the yarn on the loom pegs using the loom knitting pen.
Wrapping the yarn on the loom pegs using the loom knitting pen.

Step 4:

Tie the yarn end to the starting peg on the side of the loom. Use the pen tip to wrap the yarn around each peg on the loom.

Knitting loom with the yarn loaded onto every peg using a loom knitting pen.

As you knit on the loom, simply drop the pen and let it slide up the yarn strand until you’re ready to wrap more pegs. The pen stays threaded with the yarn through the whole project and is only removed once the yarn is cut and the project is finished!

How to Use Loom Knitting Hooks

Each loom comes with a knitting loom hook! All loom knitting hooks have a metal or plastic angled tip. The tip should slide easily under each loop and is used to lift one stitch up and over the next.

Loom knitting tools: How to use loom knitting hooks.

But how do you USE loom knitting hooks?

Hold the knitting loom hook by the cushioned ergonomic handle. Place the tip at the bottom of the peg you would like to work. Slide the tip under the yarn loop using the groove at the front side of every peg. Catch the bottom loop of yarn and pull it up over the top loop. Drop the stitch off the back of the peg.

Want to see step-by-step pictures?

Our How to Knit on a Knitting Loom tutorial shows you how to knit stitches using a loom hook!

Using Stitch Markers

Some loom tools are nice to have on hand just in case. Stitch markers are a great example of loom knitting accessories that you might want to have, especially as a beignner! You don’t always need stitch markers for knitting on a loom but they definitely come in handy.

Loom knitting tool: How to use a stitch marker for loom knitting.

How to use stitch markers for loom knitting:

You can loop a stitch marker through the yarn between two pegs to mark your place in a pattern. This can also help prevent the wraps on pegs from flying off as you work too! Don’t have a stitch marker? You can always use a loop of yarn in a pinch!

Loom Tools for Knitting Looms!

Loom knitting is a great way to knit projects without having all the fuss of knitting needles or specialty stitches. You can get going in one sitting and have a whole hat done in the time it takes to watch a movie!

Loom knitting tools are a great way to make this craft even more beginner friendly. The loom hook makes it easy to lift stitches. Loom knitting pens makes looping the yarn around the loom pegs 100% faster! Lastly, stitch markers can be used to mark a specific spot in your project that makes it either easiert to see how long you’ve been knitting for or where you are in the pattern.

We always love using specialty tools, especially ones that make knitting both faster and easier!

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