Top 10 Festive Patterns for Knit Christmas Stockings of 2023!

Stockings are the most Christmassy thing you can make and hang for the holidays! If you don’t have Christmas stockings hanging in your living room, how is Santa supposed to stuff them with presents? All he’ll have is the bottom of the Christmas tree! That can be a messy ordeal for Santa to deal with…

We can’t have that happening, can we? That’s why we need a few sturdy Christmas stockings ASAP!

Free patterns for knit Christmas stockings 2023!
Knit Christmas stocking patterns for the holidays!

Yeah, you could totally buy stockings from the store. BUT! Why not go for something more unique. Something that screams “CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!” Stockings that are made just for your family (pets included!) can be one of the most cherished handmade gifts you can make.

Today, we’ve got just the patterns to get you started! I’ve put together a list of the most festive knit Christmas stocking patterns out there.

Ready? Let’s go!

What You Need to Make Knit Christmas Stockings

Now that we’re excited about making stockings this season, it’s time to make sure we’ve got everything needed to make the best knit stocking out there! Here’s what you’ll need!

  • Knitting needlesKnitting needles are a must-have for these jolly stocking patterns. You can find the right needle gauge in the beginning of each pattern or on your yarn’s label!

    Pro tip: if you have a “grabby” yarn try using metal needles that will let the stitches slide off smoothly. If you’re using a slippery yarn (hello acrylic!) I love using wooden needles that have a little more friction and help keep the stitches from flying off too early.
  • Yarn – Make sure to check the pattern to see what yarn weight to use. You can typically find all of the details on your yarn band or in the “suggested yarn” section of the free knit Christmas stocking pattern you’re following!

    A note about fiber types: acrylic yarns are a great choice for stockings that will look great year after year and come in bright colors while wool yarns can make stockings that look traditional and timeless.
  • Scissors – A pair of scissors is another important tool that you will use for all of your knitting projects. You’ll need them to cut the yarn when you’re done!
  • Stitch markers – You might need stitch markers to keep track of where you are if you’re following a tricky stitch pattern. Markers are particularly helpful if you have to turn the heel on a stocking, or are trying to keep track of a tricky color work pattern. If you don’t have stitch markers, you can use a strand of scrap yarn—preferably in a different color so it’s easy to see.
  • Yarn/darning needle – You will need a yarn needle or darning needle to sew in the loose ends. These large-eyed needles are also great for duplicate stitching names or extra details onto stockings!
  • Pom pom makers – What’s Christmas decor without a few fluffy pom poms? Make sure to have a few sturdy pom pom makers of different sizes ready to use!
  • Knit Christmas stocking patterns – Don’t forget to download or bookmark your favorite knit Christmas stockings from this round up!

Top 10 Festive Patterns for Knit Christmas Stockings of 2023!

Christmas is never complete without fuzzy stockings hanging in the living room! I’ve put together a list of the cutest stockings I can find. There’s something for everyone!

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Knit Before Christmas Stocking
© Purl Soho

1. Knit Before Christmas Stocking

By: Purl Soho

YARN: Jumbo

SIZE: 13¼” circumference x 10½” length

Christmas stockings can be simple and sturdy as long as they hold plenty of presents! It just doesn’t feel right when you can’t see a few stockings stuffed to the brim with goodies and toys.

Whip up a chunky stocking with Purl Soho’s knit Christmas stocking pattern in no time. This pattern is a great blank canvas for any extra details you want to add to give it even more personality.

Get the pattern >

Candy Cane Stocking
© Denise Balvanz

2. Candy Cane Stocking

By: Denise Balvanz

YARN: Aran

SIZE: 12” circumference x 18” length

Classic candy canes are a great seasonal theme to spread throughout your home and with this adorable Candy Cane Stocking pattern by Denise Balvanz!

This is a fun knit Christmas stocking pattern that teaches you how to knit stranded colorwork in the round. A perfect project for anyone looking for a fun holiday knitting pattern to work on!

Get the pattern >

Easy Christmas Stocking
© Gina Michele

3. Easy Christmas Stocking

By: Gina Michele

YARN: Worsted

SIZE: One Size

“An Easy Christmas Stocking pattern? That sounds so boring…”

This particular pattern by Gina Michele may be simple, but it’s covered with adorable pom poms for a soft and fuzzy stocking — truly perfect for the winter season! I love that it has sooooo much room for presents too!

See the pattern >

Jumbo Christmas Stocking in a Jiffy - Striped
© Jennifer L. Jackson

4. Jumbo Christmas Stocking in a Jiffy – Striped

By: Jennifer L. Jackson

YARN: Super Bulky

SIZE: One Size

If you’re like me and planned on knitting Christmas stockings for the whole family this year, but it’s mid-December and you’ve barely started. What do you do?

Don’t worry, the Jumbo Christmas Stocking in a Jiffy is here to save Christmas day! This knit Christmas stocking pattern uses chunky yarn and simple stitches to quickly stitch up a lovely striped stocking in no time. You can stuff these classic stockings full of gifts, treats, and other fun knick-knacks!

Get the pattern >

Cardo Christmas Stocking
© Fairmount Fibers, Ltd.

5. Cardo Christmas Stocking

By: Meredith Collins

YARN: Bulky

SIZE: 14″ circumference x 12″ length

The Cardo Christmas Stocking pattern uses a bulky yarn and a smaller needle gauge for a smooth, tight fabric. The tighter knitting gauge also helps the bold stripes seamlessly blend together for a smooth stocking.

This knitting technique is perfect for designs meant to last for generations to come. The generous stockinette stitch cuff is perfect for embroidering or duplicate stitching the recipient’s name along the top too!

Get the pattern >

Holiday Stocking with Mitten Pocket
© Coats & Clark

6. Holiday Stocking with Mitten Pocket

By: Lorna Miser

YARN: Aran

SIZE: One Size

OK. BUT HOW CUTE IS THIS?! This knit Christmas stocking pattern proves that you don’t need intricate stitches to create an adorably festive holiday stocking!

Eep! So Cute! The cute little mitten pocket detail on the side is almost too adorable. It’s just the perfect size for a tiny piece of candy or a gift card!

Get the pattern >

Polka Dot Stocking Knit
© Briana K Designs

7. Polka Dot Stocking Knit

By: Briana K Designs

YARN: Bulky

SIZE: One Size

Polka dots have and will always be one of the cutest design details to exist! They add a touch of playfulness to any knitted project.

The Polka Dot Stocking Knit pattern by Briana K Designs is the prefect example! This pattern teaches you how to knit Christmas stockings that are cute and classic. I love that they stand out from the typical stocking and are also easy enough to knit new ones for the mantel as the family grows.

Get the pattern >

Snowman Stocking
© Premier Yarns Design Team

8. Snowman Stocking

By: Premier Yarns Design Team

YARN: Aran

SIZE: 12″ circumference x 17″ length

Ready to dazzle your loved ones this Christmas? Time to bust out this adorable Snowman Stocking!

This pattern is a tad more complicated than the previously mentioned ones on this list. But it’s still a great project for many advanced beginners who want to practice their new intarsia and duplicate stitch skills.

Just look at that happy snowman! This knit Christmas stocking pattern is worth a good try!

Get the pattern >

Bubble Christmas Stocking
© Kristen McDonnell

9. Bubble Christmas Stocking

By: Kristen McDonnell

YARN: Super Bulky

SIZE: 8″ wide x 18″ tall

This stocking is definitely a more modern take on a classic holiday decoration. The Bubble Christmas Stocking pattern is a simple project that brings big texture and charm to your holiday decorations.

Basic increase and decreases allow you to form the shape of the beloved Christmas stocking. This knit Christmas stocking pattern also calls for thicker yarn — and do you know what that means?

The thicker the yarn, the faster the project!
Get the pattern >

Knit Cable Stocking
© Coats & Clark

10. Knit Cable Stocking

By: Mary Jane Protus

YARN: Super Bulky

SIZES: 20″ tall

I think it’s time to level up the holiday knits and really set the bar high. This Knit Cable Stocking pattern takes the classic stocking and introduces beautiful cables and other textured stitches.

The garter stitch cuff is a nice solid detail that balances out the heavy textures of the rest of the stockings. Two fluffy pom poms hang on crocheted chain stitches for a touch of softness — a project worth all the time spent knitting!

Get the pattern >

‘Tis the season for some adorable knit Christmas stockings!

Christmas is a season filled with smiles, love, laughter, and warmth. Some of us prefer a low-key celebration while others go all out. No matter how you celebrate, I’m sure there’s a stocking in this list that ticks all your boxes.

This season I’m going to get cozy Christmas morning with mugs of hot cocoa and some yummy cinnamon rolls with loved ones. I’m also planning on making my very own Holiday Stocking With Mitten Pocket this year for my mantle!

Whether you love to bust out all the tinsel and evergreen wreaths or prefer a more understated Christmas celebration, there’s sure to be a few lovely knit Christmas stocking patterns awaiting you!

Looking for more knitting and crochet patterns to help you get into the holiday spirit? Check out this jolly list!

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