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Baby blanket knit patterns are one of the most useful patterns to have stashed away in your library. Whether you’re expecting a little one to enter your life soon or you’ve been surprised by a pile of baby shower invitations, you can never go wrong when gifting a handmade baby blanket!

Knitting a warm and cozy baby blanket is seriously satisfying. There’s nothing quite like gifting something that symbolizes comfort, love, and security. A baby blanket is also a practical gift that can be used for everything from naps to playtime adventures. Plus, these blankets can become cherished possessions that parents hold onto to remember all those special moments shared in the first few months of their baby’s life.

Some patterns are simple enough that you can get into some meditative knitting, while others can be more engaging. Either way, because of the size, you have a nice big canvas to experiment with colors, try new textures, or just hone some basic knitting skills.

If you’re trying a baby blanket knitting pattern for the first time, no need to stress! The best thing about knitting for babies is that, let’s be real, they’re babies! They won’t be able to judge a pattern or spot any mistakes. As long as it’s soft and snuggly, they’ll be none the wiser. So go ahead and start knitting knowing that a little bundle of joy will soon love whatever you make!

Choosing Yarns for Baby Blankets

When knitting for babies, generally speaking, it’s important to consider what type of yarn you use. Stick to super soft yarns that are easy to wash! Or, when in doubt, ask the little one’s parents.

Wool or any other animal fiber yarns are usually not a good first choice since those tend to be scratchy, and they’re also common allergens. Extra soft cotton yarns would be a safer choice and are our top recommendation. Bamboo and acrylic yarns are also good options. A baby blanket is an item that will see a lot of use and will therefore need to be cleaned often, so take ease-of-washing into consideration too.

Looking to donate these blankets to your local NICU? Before you start, we recommend talking to healthcare providers or experienced volunteers to find out the best type of yarn to use. This is because extra care has to be taken in selecting the material and in handling items meant for these special babies.

Tools for Knitting Baby Blankets

To get the desired width of a baby blanket, you’ll need to use appropriate-sized circular needles. Circular needles come in a variety of lengths making them a great, easy choice for knitting wide projects like blankets.

12 Free Baby Blanket Knit Patterns

Ready to get started? Here are 12 adorable free knit baby blanket patterns that are beginner-friendly!

Quick Note: Many of these projects use a thicker yarn to make knitting easier and faster. When substituting for a different thickness, expect some differences in the size of the finished project.

All credit belongs to the incredibly talented designers who we mention in each of the patterns’ descriptions. Happy knitting!

Disclaimer: This article contains links to external unaffiliated websites.

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - blue folded Diagonal Comfort Blanket
Photo Credit: Lion Brand Yarn

1. Diagonal Comfort Blanket

By: Lion Brand Yarn

YARN: Aran weight yarn

SIZE: 30 x 30” (76 x 76 cm)

Here’s a super easy and super squishy baby blanket knitting pattern to get you started! The Diagonal Comfort Blanket is knit in Garter Stitch so even beginners to the craft can knit this with ease. Since the pattern is so simple, you can easily alter this to make it bigger or smaller. Cast on your desired number of stitches and, after a few rows, you can go ahead and knit away until you get your desired size for a blanket! 

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns  - blue, red, beige Four Points Baby Blanket hanging on a towel ladder
Photo Credit: Purl Soho

2. Four Points Baby Blanket

By: Kristina McGowan for Purl Soho

YARN: Super bulky weight yarn

SIZE: 34 x 34” square

This lovely modular blanket would be perfect for bedtime and playtime It’s knit with our favorite garter stitch. For being such a fun-looking knit baby blanket pattern, it’s also incredibly easy to make. You will need to do some shaping to get the triangles and you’ll learn how to pick up stitches like a pro! This blanket is a great chance to have some fun with color combinations too.

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - Marius Baby Blanket in caramel brown draped over a baby while sleeping
Photo Credit: Toute en Fouinesse

3. Marius Baby Blanket Knit Pattern

By: Amélie of Toute en Fouinesse

YARN: Aran weight yarn

SIZE: 30 x 35” (75cm x 90cm)

Here’s a knit baby blanket pattern that’s a little more intricate with a raised diamond pattern and garter stitch border. It has a charming homespun look that would make this a lovely crib blanket! 

Adding the fluffy pompom tassels is optional, but we don’t see any reason to skip them when making pompoms is so fun! They also give this baby blanket the extra flourish it deserves.

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - Lemon Squeezy Stroller Blanket thrown over a chair
Photo Credit: Lion Brand Yarn

4. Lemon Squeezy Stroller Blanket

By: Ann Klimpert for Lion Brand Yarn

YARN: Aran weight yarn

SIZE: 20 x 24” (51 x 61 cm)

Add some extra coziness and pops of color to a baby stroller or car seat with this stroller blanket! This is a great beginner-friendly baby blanket knitting pattern that will help you practice your color-changing skills. We think it’s a great call to use medium-weight yarn to make a super squishy garter stitch fabric.

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - brown Knot Stitch Baby Blanket folded on a rug
Photo Credit: Beth Michon

5. Knot Stitch Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

By: Beth Michon

YARN: Aran weight yarn

SIZES: Varies

Have you ever knit the knot stitch before? We love how it adds such a fun texture to this otherwise simple baby blanket knit pattern. The designer leaves a lot of room for you to knit a size of your preference, just make sure to pay close attention to the instructions for casting on!

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns  - texture close up of a blue and white In a Wink baby blanket
Photo Credit: Bernat Design Studio

6. In A Wink Baby Blanket Knit Pattern

By: Bernat Design Studio

YARN: Super bulky weight yarn

SIZE: 33″ x 35″ (84 x 89 cm)

Knit the perfect cushy blanket “in a wink”! You won’t need any special skills to make this – it’s knit stitches all the way. If you’re looking to knit up a super warm and squishy cloud for a baby or toddler to lounge in, this garter stitch baby blanket knitting pattern is a guaranteed fast knit.

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - Fading Waves blanket in blue and white draped over a couch, touching the floor
Photo Credit: Bernat Design Studio

7. Fading Waves Blanket

By: Bernat Design Studio

YARN: Bulky weight yarn

SIZE: Approx. 36″ square.

Knit this fluffy ridged blanket to tuck in a little tot with! The soft curves of the blue and white stripes are reminiscent of the peaceful view of waves fading back into the ocean. As with most of the other baby blanket knit patterns on this list, this square-sized blanket is knit back and forth using circular needles, no need to join. After every row simply turn your work!

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - baby sitting in front of a blue and white Garter Ripple Striped baby blanket draped over a crib
Photo Credit: Yarnspirations Design Studio

8. Garter Ripple Striped Baby Blanket

By: Yarnspirations Design Studio

YARN: Super bulky weight yarn

SIZE: Approx 38 x 41″

If you’re up for a bit more of a challenge, this baby blanket knit pattern is on the more “advanced beginner” scale. It features some fancy use of lace knitting and the garter stitch to create a traditional feather and fan motif and stripe pattern. If you’re new to lacework, you might find the motions tricky, but it’ll be well worth it to have this beauty hanging in the nursery!

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - a little one holds on to a Plush Striped Baby Afghan while sitting on the floor
Photo Credit: Lion Brand Yarn

9. Plush Striped Baby Afghan

By: Lion Brand Yarn

YARN: Bulky weight yarn

SIZE: approx 30 x 35 in. (76 x 89 cm)

Here’s a super simple, super quick baby blanket knitting pattern that you can make while binge-watching your new favorite show! Aside from a few notes to remember for striping, it’s just squishy, bouncy garter stitch all the way. Knit up this beautiful reversible afghan for some extra warm baby cuddle times.

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - folded Tri-Color Baby Blanket
Photo Credit: Bernat Design Studio

10. Tri-Color Baby Blanket

By: Bernat Design Studio

YARN: Super bulky weight yarn

SIZE: Approx. 36” x 40” (90.5 x 101.5 cm)

Just look at the striking diamond pattern on this baby blanket! Knit this delightful blanket, if not to have a uniquely textured gift for your new little loved one, then to see the innovative use of knits and purls! The technique used might feel awkward at first, but the motions are easy enough to get used to after a few rows.

See the pattern > 

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - baby gets ready for naptime under a Sunshine Day Baby Throw
Photo Credit: Lion Brand Yarn

11. Sunshine Day Baby Throw

By: Lion Brand Yarn

YARN: 2 Aran weight yarn held together = Super bulky weight

SIZE: Approx 28 x 30″ (71 x 76 cm)

The sunshine day baby throw is made for spreading out on a bed for naptime or plopping on the ground for some playtime! It’s essentially a soft, durable Stockinette stitch knit baby blanket. We would suggest adding in a Garter Stitch or I-Cord borders if you’d like to reduce curling at the edges. To get that interesting blending of colors, you’ll be holding 2 different-colored yarns together as you knit.

You’re free to play around with colors, but we love the use of bright nature-inspired hues on this baby blanket!

See the pattern >

Baby Blanket Knit Patterns - Chevron Baby Knit Blanket in shades of pink and red draped over a couch in the living room
Photo Credit: Loops & Threads™

12. Chevron Baby Knit Blanket

By: Loops & Threads™ Design Team

YARN: Aran weight yarn

SIZES: Small (Large) / 30 x 24” (45 x 31″)

Probably one of our favorite ways to make an otherwise easy project look more intricate is with a classic chevron pattern. This Chevron Baby Blanket knit pattern has a quick-and-easy two-row repeat! It’s now only available on the Wayback Machine, but we had to call it out here for its lovely construction!

See the pattern >

Final Thoughts on Baby Blanket Knit Patterns

Knitting baby blankets is a wonderful way to show your love to a new little life. Even if you aren’t expecting a birthday or baby shower in the near future, knitting a baby blanket is an enjoyable experience. Opt for simpler patterns for a more stress-relieving, meditative experience, or more challenging ones to keep your mind engaged!

That was our curated list of free baby blanket knitting patterns for knitters of all levels! What did you think? Let us know in the comments if you think a specific pattern should’ve made our list! 

If you need a little refresher on some knitting stitches or techniques like how to cast on, head on over to our library of knitting tutorials!

Not quite ready to knit a baby blanket? Start small with our curated list of free baby hat patterns instead, or grab some inspiration from our list of other baby knitting patterns!

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