Loom Knitting Kit

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We know that learning a new hobby can be tricky and there’s only so much room in a printed booklet to get you started learning how to use a knitting loom. Below you’ll find longer, step-by-step tutorials for each of the techniques from the book. We’ll help you along as you learn how to make the most perfect loom knitting kit projects!

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How to Use a 
Knitting Loom

This kit was designed to teach beginners how to use a knitting loom. The handy booklet that came with your loom knitting kit has photo tutorials for each step. But! There’s only so much room in a printed book. 

Below you’ll find longer versions of these same tutorials as well as additional techniques to help you learn how to use a knitting loom. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

We’ll show you how to wrap the yarn around each peg for the first round. This gets the yarn started on the knitting loom and ready for you to do a stitch pattern (knitting or purling).

The knit stitch is the easiest way to make fabric on a knitting loom!

This stitch makes the smooth ‘v’ shaped stitches in the bag and hat patterns.

The purl stitch is the second stitch pattern to learn in your loom knitting kit!

The ribbed edging on the knit hat uses the purl stitch to make the brim extra stretchy for a tight, snug fit. 

This technique takes the stitches off the pegs so that you can cinch the project closed.

This is the go-to method for finishing the knit hat project in your book.

This technique takes the stitches off the pegs and also creates a flat open edge at the same time! 

The headband and knit bag projects both use this cast off technique.

Knitting Loom 
for Beginners: Tips & Tricks

Go beyond the booklet with this handy set of tutorials for learning how to use a knitting loom! We’ll show you how to join new yarn when you run out and also how to use the tools that came with your handy loom knitting kit.

Make Knitting Easy with Loom Tools!

Loom knitting tools can make learning how to knit on a loom faster, easier, and more fun! We’ll show you how to use loom knitting pen, loom knitting hooks, and stitch markers.

A simple trick for easy threading!

The most fun yarns are also the hardest to thread through a yarn needle! We show you a quick hack that will make it easy to thread any yarn through a needle so that you can finish your project in a flash.

How to add another ball of yarn.

Whether you want to switch colors or you’ve run out of yarn part-way through a project, learning how to join a new ball is an important step!

The magic knot method will have you knitting in no time! This is a quick and easy way to connect yarn without interrupting your project. 

LOOM Knitting
Free Patterns & Tutorials

But wait! We have even more loom knitting goodies for you! Check out our full page of tutorials, free patterns, and other tips/tricks for using a knitting loom. 

You can find the BeKnitting Easy Loom Knitting Kit on Amazon! 3 fun projects teach you how to use a knitting loom and are designed with new crafters in mind. 

Never touched a knitting loom? We’ve got you covered!

Each kit comes with two balls of worsted weight (medium) yarn, one instruction booklet, a yarn needle, a loom hook, a loom pen, stitch markers and, of course, a knitting loom! 

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