Finding Easy Knitting Patterns: 10+ Free Round Ups!

Excited to try out knitting? Well, I’m super excited to show you around this magical craft!

Starting a new hobby can feel overwhelming. Especially after a single Google search. Thousands of knitting patterns pop up and now you don’t even know where to start! It’s hard to tell which patterns are easy and which need to wait until after you’ve conquered the knit stitch. I don’t want you going for a pattern that is too complicated and end up burnt out or discouraged!

How to Find Easy Knitting Patterns for beginners!

So today, we’re going to talk about how to find easy knitting patterns for beginners, why knitting patterns are important, what makes a pattern beginner-friendly, as well as some awesome free easy knitting patterns for you to try out!

I hope you’re excited to learn more, because I’m about to geek out on facts, hacks, and other useful tidbits!

Why Use Knitting Patterns?

Are knitting patterns that important? Will following a knitting pattern make or break your project? Why do we even need knitting patterns? Let’s find out!

Knitting patterns are simply a set of written instructions that a knitter can follow in order to accurately recreate a project.

You don’t always need knitting patterns. Sometimes, knitters would “free-hand” a project but this comes with no intention of making it the exact same way again. There are also simple knits like plain scarves or cowls where an experienced knitter doesn’t have to think too much about the number of stitches or specific designs.

Easy Knitting Patterns for beginners!

While you don’t really need a knitting pattern, not everyone can manage without one. A beginner knitter will need a pattern to follow and it’s encouraged by many experts to look up easy knitting patterns for beginners if you’re just starting out in the craft!

What Makes a Perfect Knitting Pattern for Beginners?

What counts as an “easy knitting pattern” can mean different things depending on a person’s skill level. We’re focusing on patterns that belong in the “beginner-friendly” category.

Knitting patterns for beginners need to check a few boxes. For a pattern to be classified as “easy” for a new knitter, it needs to have:

  • Clear instructions
  • Minimal or Easy Techniques
  • Quick results

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these characteristics!

1. Clear Instructions

Beginners will benefit more from patterns that take you from step 1 to 100! Knitting patterns for beginners should contain explicit guidance from the moment you cast on the yarn to your needle, to the moment you cast off!

Go for patterns that have:

  • Links to video tutorials
  • Has photos of all the important steps and stitches
  • Examples of the pattern finished by other knitters so you can compare techniques!

2. Minimal or Easy Techniques

Always start with the basics when learning a new skill. Choose knitting patterns that focus on the fundamental techniques such as how to make the knit stitch and purl stitch! These basic stitches are much more approachable for beginners as opposed to patterns with lace or cables.

Please don’t do what I did and start with something complicated like the staghorn cable. I promise you, you WILL cry!

Think about keeping the shape of your project simple too! Generally, projects that are made of squares or rectangles are easier for beginners to tackle first. Simple knit scarves, dishcloths, or even blankets are a great place to start.

3. Quick Results

Nothing beats the satisfaction of finishing a project in an entirely new medium! If you’re new to knitting, it can be a good idea to start with a project that is faster to stitch up like a headband, dishcloth, or cup cozy.

Other things to consider:

  • Yarn thickness: Easy knitting patterns that use chunky yarn are a great place to start. You’ll finish much quicker and you’ll have something to show off to your friends and family in no time!
  • Needle size: Thicker knitting needles are easier to hold and maneuver with. Stitches are easier to see and you’ll finish projects much faster too!

What Makes a Knitting Pattern Difficult?

There were a few that didn’t work with my skill level despite being “easy knitting patterns”! From what I’ve noticed, there are two main factors that make a knitting pattern incompatible with a knitter:

  • Difficulty level
  • Details

Difficulty level

It’s normal to feel super excited to start on a new craft. But don’t forget to check the difficulty level! Stitches can look easy and simple, but turn out to be much more advanced. Also, some knitting patterns don’t have the difficulty level visible at the top of the pattern, while others don’t have one AT ALL!

So make sure to find a knitting pattern that has the difficulty level/skill level included. But if there’s none and you really like the pattern, just shoot the designer a message.


Some patterns may be easy, but lack the details! Steps like casting on yarn to your needle, adding/removing a stitch, or changing colors might require more detailed instructions for beginners who have never done these before. Unfortunately, experienced knitters (including myself) forget that.

Not to worry, you can always ask the author or other knitters for clarification!

Categories of Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners:

Don’t know where to start looking for easy knitting patterns? I’ve got you! Here are some of the best categories of knitting patterns for beginners — plus links to awesome round ups!

Disclaimer: This article contains links to external unaffiliated websites.

1. Scarves and Cowls

Scarves and Cowls
© knitting.com

Easy knitting patterns like scarves and cowls are a good place to start for new knitters. Thanks to the repetitive patterns, you can easily get a grasp of the different stitches in knitting without feeling overwhelmed!

Recommended Patterns:

2. Beanies and Hats

Beanies and Hats
© knitting.com

Learning to knit in a round is a valuable skill for knitters. There are tons of amazing round knitting patterns and hats or beanies are just the perfect starting point for any newbie. Plus, hats are smaller and quicker to finish up — so you get a cool new hat to show off!

Recommended Patterns:

3. Blankets and Afghans

Blankets and Afghans
© knitting.com

Want to take a gander at larger knitting projects? Knitting patterns for beginners like blankets and afghan patterns are your best friends. These provide you ample time to get the hang of the stitch repetitions and you get a cozy blanket to snuggle under on your days off work!

Recommended Patterns:

4. Simple Dishcloths

Simple Dishcloths
© knitting.com

Trying to learn a new stitch? Knitting dishcloth-sized swatches is one of the best ways to learn a brand new stitch pattern. You get the hang of the unfamiliar rhythm, plus you get a cool little swatch to use at home too!

Recommended Patterns:

5. Baby Blankets and Booties

Baby Blankets and Booties

Small and cute, baby blankets are another beginner-friendly-sized project for new knitters attending a baby shower or are expecting a baby themselves. These patterns are the perfect size for you to get to know new stitches and have a present ready to boot!

Recommended Patterns:

Finding Knitting Patterns for Beginners!

Many excellent knitting patterns for beginners are just a quick google search away! We also highly recommend checking out Ravelry, a knitting community with a fantastic search function for THOUSANDS of knitting patterns. You can filter by difficulty level, yarn type, and see other knitters’ finished projects for each pattern. I promise you can find anything you’re looking for on there (including a fantastic and welcoming community of knitters in the forums!).

Well that was a lengthy read. But hey, you learned how to pick out the best easy knitting patterns for yourself! Now you don’t have to worry about feeling too overwhelmed to finish a new project.

You can start as small as a knitted dishcloth or go a bit bigger with a simple knitted scarf. Either way you’ll be able to finish a project that you can show off with pride!

My first ever knit project was a cable snake…and I DO NOT recommend going that route! The only reason I did that in the first place was to help out a friend.

If I could start over, beanies and scarves would be the way to go. They’re fun to look at and not that stressful to make — even if they have complicated stitches involved!

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